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The essay editor is exactly that person who can help you during the process of admission. Professional editing includes a special approach of proofreading. We live in times when outstanding writing plays a very significant role in making a good impression and creating strong feedback when presenting your paper to your professor, university, or other audience. That is why your document should meet all of the standards and be exquisite. Hence, the importance of proofreading and the impact of online essay editor cannot be underestimated.

It goes without saying that writing and academic skills are two different cases. Students whose native language is not English can encounter certain difficulties in conveying their idea. Composing a paper requires attention to a wide range of requirements and can be a daunting task for many students. The main goal of creating a winning paper is to showcase that you are proficient and have a profound knowledge of the specific topic.
Edit essay online services will definitely make your document as strong as it can only be and explain each part of the paper by sending you the critique part. You should take it seriously as even small mistakes in grammar and usage can negatively impact your grade. Think about it carefully, is taking a risk worth it?

What does our essay proofreading service offer and why essays edit is so important?

Your way to become a professional in the chosen realm starts with the university you apply to, and before that it depends on the professional essay editor you choose. It goes without saying that strong writing skills are the bottom line for presenting a publication of your research paper. A well-structured admission paper not only demonstrates your talent but can have an impact on career progression.
However, while you are staying ahead in your research work, your writing skills can be limited, which can lead to grammar and spelling errors, typos and flaws.
If you ask yourself, “So, who will edit my essay and who is that essay editor?”, we are here to answer that. Essay proof reader is well trained to polish your document grammatically without infringing upon your creativity. With the help of essay proofreading, you will be given an expert to edit essay and honest advice on how to ace your document and make it memorable.
To proofread a document well, one should be proficient in the area of the subject and be inspired to proofread and edit comprehensively.
Think about taking advantage of our professional mentor and years of expertise to give yourself the chance of getting an A. Nothing looks better than a proofread paper 100% free of even slightest errors.

Essay proofreader can help you take your admission document to the next level

Let’s take a minute here and imagine that you have crafted your research paper and have re-read it a million times.You gave it for a double-check to al of your relatives and family has been very supportive and they did offer you some recommendations to improve it, but you still hesitate about the style of your document. What you do need is a thorough proofread. However, who is that person who can proofread essay and help you make a difference? Here, at EssayEdge, we provide an editing experience that can help you impress your professor and make an impeccable impression on your audience.

Do you keep asking yourself, “will editor only proofread my essay or give suggestions on how to improve it?”

Essay proofreader is your mentor during the challenging process of applying. Of course, you can ask your friend to double-check your essay. However, professional help is your definite way to successful admission.

How can EssayEdge help you with your document?

  • The essay editor can organize your ideas in a logical manner and present your essay in a readable way. The editor will review and help you with the clarity, structure and main idea. Grammatical advice and constructive suggestions will address your document and transform it into a winning paper.
  • EssayEdge provides you with the second look of eyes. At a glimpse of an eye, they will see the weaknesses of your essay and help you turn them into strengths. Their expertise speaks for itself. They will correct terminology that is used and your idea is conveyed distinctly and the guidelines for formatting are adhered and followed. By proofreading essay, be assured that the final product will meet all the requirements.
  • Essay proofreading allows you to gain exclusive skills. Your editor proofreads, edits and provides you with a good sample of an essay. You get corrections and tips for avoiding these mistakes and it the future you will be able to transform your essays.
  • One of the main benefits is that when you submit your admission document to EssayEdge, you are given the possibility to choose the exact time that fits your needs. We understand that circumstances can be very different and sometimes an urgently delivered file means being accepted. At EssayEdge, we offer a standard 48-hour deadline. However, if you need your file to be proofread and edited in a much shorter time frame, you can pay attention to our 24-hour rush option and one of our experts will carefully review, edit and deliver the final version to you in 24 hours.
  • The quality remains on the same level since all of the experts who are working with us are trained to provide exceptional services.

Essay editing that will match your unique needs

If you are still hesitating about the profit of the editing service, so think about the first impression. The person who will read your document does not know you at all and the only way to let them get to know you better is to present yourself in a writing form. The EssayEdge mentor will not only proofread your document but will help you to communicate your main message effectively. The expert will emphasize the weak points and offer recommendations on how to improve it. Online essay editing does not only edit your academic papers but creates a product you can be proud of.

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Academic Editing

If you’re in school, you’re writing papers. If you have questions about the structure or tone, or you want to be sure your writing makes the strongest argument possible, then having a paper editing service to look over your work might be a good idea.
Our experts can edit your paper and give valuable feedback that takes it to the next level. EssayEdge can provide you an edge not only on your submitted essays but throughout your academic career.
Sample essay

If you write a dissertation, it has to be well-researched and polished. And having a second set of eyes to look over your work is always a good idea. Our experts can help you edit any chapter or even the whole dissertation.

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Writing a good thesis is no easy task, so you have to be sure that each word is in its proper place. Our editors can help you conduct a final check and improve the weak points in your thesis.

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Whatever your essay topic is, you are expected to provide a well-written and polished piece of writing. Our editors will help you make sure that your essay has a refined thesis statement and meets instructions.

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Summary, book review, opinion, or commentary — each type of scholarly article has its specific requirements. Our editors can tell you more about a particular kind of article and edit your piece in a couple of hours.

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Research Paper

To write a good research paper, you have to conduct in-depth research on the topic, use proper formatting and credible sources. Our editors can help you examine your research paper step-by-step and fix any flaws.

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As a rule, the scholarly report is a statement about the experience or work undertaken in fulfillment of the Capstone Project. It should reflect your engagement with a specific discipline, question, or problem.

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Types of documents

Docs We Can Help With

No matter what type of paper you’ve written, you can have it checked for grammar, structure flaws, and even weak arguments.

Our editors will make sure that your document is flawless and meets all academic standards. Their feedback can make you a stronger overall writer, which will last a lifetime.

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Programs We Can Help With

We will check your paper for basics such as grammar and spelling, as well as structure flaws and weak arguments.

Our Team

Experienced Academic Essay Editors

Our editors have developed expertise in academic paper editing to help you write a flawless essay on any topic.

Ashley R. Yale University
1538 Completed orders 11 years Essayedge editor

Academic; College; Graduate; Law; MBA; Medical School;

Academic College Graduate Law MBA Medical School
Busy now

Ashley is an editor at Essay Edge, where she has helped to craft hundreds of pieces of writing including personal statements, research papers, and letters of recommendation for clients applying to top-tier institutions since 2009. She is as an alumni interviewer for Yale’s undergraduate application process, interviewing prospective students and writing recommendations for admittance based on impressions from these interviews. She also writes informational articles for CUnet that are posted on education websites and are primarily focused on using education to set and accomplish professional goals. She is the Secretary for the Yale Dramatic Alumni Associates Board of Directors. Professionally, Ashley has experience in several industries including finance and the entertainment industry. She worked as the Business Manager of a growing venture capital firm during its expansion of a fund focused on financing for tech startups. At present, she works in professional theater in both the creative and management sides of the business. Her experience as a theatrical director gives her a unique perspective on how individuals present themselves, and she is able to give clear feedback on both content and presentation in interviews as a result. Overall, Ashley has a unique perspective on the college admissions process and on the job application process from her broad set of experiences as both an applicant and an interviewer.

... More about this editor
Busy now
Jennifer M. Yale University
2108 Completed orders 14 years Essayedge editor

Academic; College; Graduate; Law; Medical School;

Academic College Graduate Law Medical School
Busy now

Jennifer is a bilingual speech pathologist and lifelong lover of language. She majored in Spanish literature at Yale. When she was sixteen, she asked her mother for grammar lessons for fun over the summer. Currently she enjoys spending time with her two very young sons.

... More about this editor
Busy now
Kiran S. UC Berkeley
782 Completed orders 6 years Essayedge editor

Academic; College; Graduate; Law; Medical School; Resume;

Academic College Graduate Law Medical School Resume
Busy now

Kiran is currently a PhD student in Sociology at UC Berkeley. Her academic work focuses on politics, gender, and violence in Latin America. She also has a master's degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Oxford, and completed her bachelor's in Political Science at Barnard College, Columbia University. Kiran has worked as an EssayEdge editor since 2014, and enjoys helping clients transform their writing. She is experienced editing admissions essays, recommendation letters, as well as academic papers and theses.

... More about this editor
Busy now
Scott J. University of North Carolina
1223 Completed orders 17 years Essayedge editor

Academic; College; Graduate; Law; MBA; Medical School;

Academic College Graduate Law MBA Medical School
Busy now

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Scott majored in Radio, Television and Motion Pictures, which was eventually folded into the Journalism and Mass Communication major. For more than 20 years, he worked as an advertising copywriter, honing his creative and writing skills as he created numerous television commercials, radio spots, print ads and internet content. He has worked for Essay Edge since 2003, and in that time he has edited literally thousands of application essays of all kinds – undergraduate, MBA, Ph.D., Medical School, Law School, Business School and countless others. He has also worked extensively with students on academic papers and dissertations. His goal in working with customers is help them present their ideas and perspectives in their own words but in a professional, well-organized, grammatically sound and persuasive manner that will help them stand out from other applicants. He thoroughly enjoys the process of working with customers to tailor their essays in creative and compelling ways that will satisfy them and impress the admissions committees at the programs to which they are applying.

... More about this editor
Busy now
Yasmine B. Brown University
463 Completed orders 6 years Essayedge editor

Academic; College; Graduate; Law; MBA; Medical School; Resume;

Academic College Graduate Law MBA Medical School Resume
Busy now

Yasmine is a graduate of Brown University, where she studied Cultural Anthropology, specifically in the Middle East. Since graduating, she has worked as a professional writer and editor, both internationally and within the US. Yasmine has lived in Colombia, Lebanon, and most recently in Senegal. Yasmine also works in the field of education, which has given her keen insight into the strength and pitfalls of applicants. She  is extremely passionate about languages, and has been an Editor with EssayEdge for over four years. She specializes in editing essays that highlight personal growth, ranging from Academic Personal Statements to Medical Statements. Yasmine is proud to be fluent in English, Arabic and Spanish, and is hoping to learn French this year!

... More about this editor
Busy now
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You did a great job and almost finished your essay, but you still need a final check. Our editor will proofread your work for typos and grammatical errors, providing you with minor constructive suggestions.

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0 - 600 words $69

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You have a half-finished essay, but you still need proofreading and expert critique to strengthen your writing. Our editor will help improve your style and will provide a detailed review of the essay structure, content, and tone.

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+2,400 words $12 per + 100 words

24-hour rush +$59

Second reading +50% of order price

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You need a package of documents that are consistent in style and complement each other. Submit 3+ documents in one order, and we will assign one editor to work on them. The editor will polish all your docs and add suggestions on style and tone.

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1,800 - 2,400 words $199

2,401 - 3,000 words $249

3,001 - 3,600 words $349

3,601 - 4,200 words $399

4,201 - 4,800 words $449

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You need comprehensive assistance to start writing your admission essay. Our editor will guide you through the process, from topic brainstorming to the finished piece. The second reading is included in this package.

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0 - 600 words $379

601 - 1,200 words $429

1,201 - 1,800 words $479

1,801 - 2,400 words $529

+2,400 words $12 per + 100 words

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our service and the ways we can help with your school application.

You will be asked to submit your payment after you upload your essay. We accept only secure payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
After you have selected your editing service, you can drag and drop your files or upload them in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx), as Plain Text (.txt), or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

EssayEdge offers services ranging from proofreading to full critiques. Our Proofreading service includes a check for typos and grammatical errors and is best for those with a near-final essay. Our Standard service combines proofreading with a constructive critique based on your essay’s structure, content, and tone. Lastly, our Premier service is the most comprehensive. It includes proofreading and review, plus a brainstorming session, 2 phone conversations with your editor, and 14 days of email support.

If you are looking for admissions consulting plus editing, then our All In One Package is for you. This includes professional admissions consulting for one application, along with all the editing services needed for each piece of the application. For more information, contact us.

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