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By Ryan Hickey + updated on December 31st, 2009

As 2009 winds to a close, I’d like to use this post to address an issue that is very near and dear to us here at EssayEdge.

A CNN report originally published in September of this past year was recently reposted on the American Morning blog. The report highlights the increasing prevalence of so-called paper mills, also known as essay mills, on the Internet. These companies allow students to purchase academic papers for their own personal use and are, for all intents and purposes, nothing more than commercialized cheating.

You can read the full text of this report at the following link:

Here at EssayEdge, we are extremely concerned with this growing trend, as it relates directly to our business. We staunchly oppose such paper/essay mills and have undertaken steps to clearly differentiate our service from such mills over the past year. You can view our code of ethics at:

EssayEdge is not a paper or essay mill. Rather, we are an online editing service dedicated to providing expert advice on admissions-essay authoring, providing detailed constructive criticism, and above all, helping clients improve their own writing skills.

Our editors will not write papers for clients. We won’t even add content to original submissions or change their ideas. And we definitely don’t sell pre-written papers. Instead, we help guide students through one of the most critical aspects of the increasingly complex (and competitive) admissions process.

Most importantly, at EssayEdge we know that applicants who attempt to pass off another’s work as their own are actually shooting themselves in the foot. That’s because a vital aspect of penning a successful application essay is making sure your finished piece is personal; it needs to help the admissions committee get to know you beyond what is contained in the rest of your packet. You can’t buy an essay that will do this – you have to write it yourself.

That doesn’t mean you have to go through the entire process without any guidance, though. Whether from a parent, teacher, or the experts here at EssayEdge, it is perfectly ethical to seek feedback about your essay, so long as you retain ownership of the piece.

Finally, I encourage you to read the report linked to above. If you do, you’ll notice that it provides a sobering fact about the quality of work turned out by many paper mills. After reading an essay purchased from such a mill, the professor interviewed says he would give it a failing grade.

Happy New Year to all and good luck to those putting the finishing touches on their applications in the coming days. We look forward to working with our customers, both old and new, in 2010!

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Ryan Hickey

Ryan Hickey is Managing Editor of Peterson's & EssayEdge and an expert in many aspects of college, graduate, and professional admissions. A graduate of Yale University, Ryan has worked in various admissions capacities for nearly a decade, including writing test-prep material for the SAT, AP exams, and TOEFL, editing essays and personal statements, and consulting directly with applicants. He enjoys sharing his knowledge to aid others in achieving their educational goals and, when he gets a break, loves hiking and fly fishing with his wife and two border-collie mixes.

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