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By Ryan Hickey + updated on November 19th, 2010

A hearty thank you to everyone who has participated in the EssayEdge webinar series so far! We’ve had great turnout and outstanding questions for the Q&A sessions that have ended each webinar.

We’re not done yet, though. The fourth webinar in our series will be held on November 30 – we’re taking next week off due to the Thanksgiving holiday. This one will have a couple notable changes from those already held, though.

First off, we’re going to be focusing on MBA applicants. Specifically, we’ll be discussing why most MBA programs ask you to write a set of essays rather than just one, and how you can go about crafting an outstanding group of essays to go with your application.

Secondly, we’re going to try out a new time. Rather than presenting at 4PM ET, we’ll be holding this webinar at 7PM ET. That will hopefully allow more potential viewers to attend the live event, and make our Q&A session even livelier.

So if this sounds interesting to you or someone you know, I encourage you to register. You can do so right here.

And if you’ve missed any of our previous webinars, you can visit to view recordings of those events. Here’s a quick overview of their subject matter:

Webinar 1: How you can turn an essay from good to great

Webinar 2: How you can support a child who is writing college admissions essays

Webinar 3: Learn where the essay fits in the overall application and admissions process

Feel free to share any and all of these links with friends, colleagues, students, and family memebers. And don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have a suggestion for a future webinar topic!

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Ryan Hickey

Ryan Hickey is Managing Editor of Peterson's & EssayEdge and an expert in many aspects of college, graduate, and professional admissions. A graduate of Yale University, Ryan has worked in various admissions capacities for nearly a decade, including writing test-prep material for the SAT, AP exams, and TOEFL, editing essays and personal statements, and consulting directly with applicants. He enjoys sharing his knowledge to aid others in achieving their educational goals and, when he gets a break, loves hiking and fly fishing with his wife and two border-collie mixes.

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