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The Third C of Great Application Writing: Compelling

By Ryan Hickey + updated on November 15th, 2012

Even if your writing is as clear and concise as it can possibly be, it will fall flat if it doesn’t say something that captures the reader’s attention. Pretty words are just pretty words; without strong ideas behind them, they’re nothing more than a facade. And believe me, admissions officers know when they’re reading something [...]

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The Second C of Great Application Writing: Concise

By Ryan Hickey + updated on November 13th, 2012

For our purposes, concise means precisely what you think it means… unless you think it means angry or purple… in that case, you’d be wrong. Concise writing says what it needs to say while using words economically. In this definition, don’t be confused by our use of “economically” – this has nothing to do with [...]

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The First C of Great Application Writing: Clear

By Ryan Hickey + updated on November 9th, 2012

Though you may have learned various definitions of what “clear” means in terms of writing, here’s the EssayEdge take: Clear writing has a readily apparent purpose. In other words, when you write in a clear fashion, your reader will not have to spend time puzzling over statements, phrases, or words trying to figure out what [...]

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The 3 C’s of Great Application Writing

By Ryan Hickey + updated on November 8th, 2012

Given the massive amount of advice regarding application essays and personal statements available on the Internet, it can be challenging to sort through that information, decide what applies to you, and ultimately incorporate it into your writing. With that in mind, over the next several days, we’ll be using the EssayEdge blog and Facebook page [...]

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