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Ernie Cline

By Scott Johns + updated on July 8th, 2010

Share I’d just like to take a moment away from our admissions essay conversations to acknowledge the passing of Ernie Cline. Until very recently, our friend and colleague was the system administrator for EssayEdge, and several other businesses under the Nelnet and Peterson’s umbrella. We remember Ernie as a funny guy, with a quiet but [...]

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Plagiarism (Don’t do it!), the Internet, Admissions Essays, and EssayEdge

By Scott Johns + updated on March 9th, 2010

Share Every year at about this time, it seems like the issue of plagiarism in college and graduate school admissions essays comes out for another round of conversation. Hundreds if not thousands of candidates around the world try to cheat by submitting an essay they didn’t write. Plagiarism is a serious problem, and admissions officials [...]

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