College is an extremely important time for your child, and you must be involved in his / her application process. The involvement of the parent is so important that it often spells the difference between an average student attending a top-100 university or attending a county college. We can't overstate the importance of a proactive parent.

It is very easy for a high school student to take the application process lightly and miss deadlines, fail to prepare for standardized tests, and scribble off an application essay. You must structure your child's college application process, from the college search stage to SAT / SAT Subject Test preparation to admissions essay writing.

Of course, some parents are "blessed" (if paying $120,000 for an Ivy League education can be considered a blessing) with students who are consumed by the goal of getting into a top school, and these students will give their application the care it deserves. Most students, however, are not valedictorians and have not made getting into Harvard their primary goal since middle school. Still many of these people use EssayEdge services because Harvard rejects 2000 valedictorians every year and rejects hundreds of students with perfect SAT scores. Top students understand the importance of the essay to admissions decisions and thus use our services in disproportionate numbers.

For top students, average students, and struggling students, the essay is a critical part of the college application, and it is the primary way admissions officers evaluate thousands of applicants with similar statistics. Moreover, only with a good essay will a student be admitted to a college for which he or she has only an average or below-average GPA and SAT score.

Despite the importance of the college admissions essay, at EssayEdge, we are accustomed to receiving very rough essays with only 24 hours to deadline from applicants who would have no chance of admission based on grades and SAT scores. We have helped many of these students gain admission to their dream schools by significantly reworking their essays. In some cases, the results are so dramatic that applicants are rejected at many third and fourth tier schools but are admitted to a first or second tier school, because they submitted their essay to EssayEdge for only that school.

We have built this site to help both students and parents navigate the college admissions process. If you have not already done so, please check out our free College Search Engine and Recommendation Tips. We have worked hard to put a wealth of quality, well-organized information at your fingertips.

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