Well Done "Look Ahead" Essay

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My music is more than my after-school activity. Music is my work. And music is my life. Although I also work in film and media, it is music that defines my edge and voice. When I make a film-short I scour my CD's for a clip that will heighten the audience's attention. When I beat-match a series of visuals to a thick hip-hop rhythm, the elements on screen appear to dance. I feel at home in this visual and audible mirage that propels the popularity of music videos and sells everything from Gap khakis to Britney Spears.

But music is more than a medium of commercialism. The increasing free trade of music on the Internet allows people to choose what sounds good, not what magazines say they should like. As the WNMH music director, my job is to find music that will suit the musical tastes of over one thousand students. And when I am on-air, I play music that sounds good. I manage a playlist of six-hundred-seventy-two MP3's (compressed music files) on the WNMH computer, and broadcast whenever students do not have shows. If I were to turn on the radio right now, I might hear Lynard Skynyrd, Wagner, or the newest track from DJ Shadow. I introduce my audience to new types of music, but I always do it in a fun fresh way. During my radio show Electro-Abstract-Talk-Music, the music flows smooth and for two hours every week, I concentrate solely on entertaining listeners through mixing records with pitch- adjustable CD's. Sometimes I will throw in music that I make, whether it is from my band KLO, or a solo project I mixed on a professional sampler.

I hope to continue performing and studying music after high school. One of my band members met Sean Lennon last week while in the Village and said that Sean was very interested in hearing the demo we are wrapping up sometime in late November. Just the opportunity to present my music to a larger audience makes me realize how deeply I want to share the positive experience music has been in my life. Every time I make a new film, DJ a radio show, or record music with my band, I hope to promulgate music that will inspire other people to listen closely to the music that surrounds and impacts their lives.