Jason L.

Jason’s background is in telling compelling stories, something that translates perfectly to personal essay writing. Skills drafted from his extensive journalistic authorship (online and in print), and numerous award-winning professional dramatic works, allow him to craft your piece so that an ideal character shines through within that short narrative. His expertise in marketing and grant writing have also given him the ability to package your experience like a desirable luxury product so that you have the best possible chance of impressing. And after years spent in performance and presentation, he has mastered the art of interviewing, offering advice that will put you in the driver’s seat when you get face time. Jason holds an MFA from the Yale School of Drama in writing and also has worked for over a decade as an essay editor, resume editor, and tutor. He has helped thousands of students with admission to the colleges and programs of their choice and given job applicants a leg up in procuring the positions of their dreams.  
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