Top Editor: Michael N.



Yale University, B.A. with Distinction
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, M.D.-Ph.D. Program
University of New Mexico, M.F.A. in Creative Writing

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Michael N. joined the EssayEdge team in 2009, but he has worked as a professional editor since 2003, during which time he has edited just about everything under the sun: high school, college, and graduate coursework, including ESL work; application essays for students admitted to top colleges and graduate and professional programs of all kinds; peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles; creative writing in multiple genres; professional certification work; even a published book. He attended Yale University, where he spent four years working in the admissions office and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology in 2008. He then spent a year in a dual-degree M.D.- Ph.D. program before leaving to pursue a career as a writer and professor, an ambition that he is now advancing in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program at the University of New Mexico, where he also teaches undergraduate English courses in composition, creative writing, and technical writing. Along the way, Michael has also worked as a freelance writer and marketing consultant, managing editor of a health publication, private tutor and admissions consultant, Yale alumnus interviewer, and—of course—EssayEdge editor. Michael works with clients in all of our markets—college, graduate, business, medical, and law—and also provides help with interview preparation. When not helping EssayEdge customers gain admission to the schools of their dreams, Michael enjoys reading, writing, blues guitar and ice hockey.

What Customers Say

"Michael did a terrific job. He was very helpful and submitted his second review very early so I could have a day to review it before the submission deadline. He was also very responsive to my e-mails. Michael's comments with regard to flow and content triggered a systematic improvement in my essays. Because of his comments, I thought a lot more about the content, spent more time on my choice of words, and overall improved my essays considerably. Furthermore, Michael's comments helped me improve my writing style. I am sure that will serve me well in my future education. It was a pleasure working with Michael. He is not the first editor I have worked with, but he is by far THE BEST!!!"