Top Editor: Suset L.



University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin, M.A.
Yale University, B.A.

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Suset is a Brooklyn-based editor and writer who currently works as a publicist and creative consultant. As a trained social scientist, for the past 12 years, she has polished her writing, research, content creation, and communication skills in many settings. Suset has experience as a paralegal, writer, college administrator, educator, and public relations. Regardless of the medium or platform, she has made a career out of delivering messaging that lands.

She complements these professional experiences with other activities that have allowed her to develop solid communication and public speaking skills, including acting, organizing social change projects, and coaching personal and career development programs. Suset’s combined background in social sciences and creative arts has helped her develop a keen ear and a sensibility for the needs of diverse groups of people. She can easily adjust to different audiences, and has experience teaching others to do the same.

Suset thrives on helping clients find their voice and communicate their stories in compelling ways, teaching them to strike the kind of perfect balance between sharing and listening that makes for meaningful communication. In her spare time, Suset consumes books, bikes around the city, and cuddles with her two dogs. She has a healthy obsession with fried pickles and chocolate milkshakes.

What Customers Say

"I have just finished reading your critique of my essays and I just want to thank you. Your critiques were dead on and I can't thank you enough. I work at an English language school and prior to sending my work to EssayEdge, I had some of my co-workers critique my work. None of their critiques was as thorough as yours. I appreciate the work you have done for me; It was well worth the cost."