Answering “Why Specific School” in a Statement Graduate School

Many universities ask the seemingly innocuous question: “Why (Name of School)?” for their application essay question.

Applicants may not be sure what an admissions office is looking for when they ask the “why specific school statement graduate school.” The school is asking why you chose them over all the other options.

The university wants to know why they appealed to you and what you plan to study. They want to know why you chose them before they choose you.

If you are applying to several schools and they all ask this question, you may be spending a great deal of time analyzing your decisions. If you have an outline to work with, it will be easier to respond to the “why specific school” statement graduate school.

Talking about Specific Schools in a Graduate Personal Statement

An outline for the “why specific school” statement graduate could include some of the following ideas:

The best part of a “why specific school” statement graduate school is that it will cause you to consider why you have decided to apply to a school. The outline above will aid in focusing on reasons why a school may be attractive to the applicant.

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