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Choose the package that meets your goals. If you have any doubts, tell our support managers about your problem, and they will help you choose the best option.

“I want to write the best essay and be noticed. I need advice on what should be emphasized in my essay.”
In this case, we recommend our Premier service package.
“I am going to apply to 3 to 5 universities, and each has specific requirements.”
Our Standart package embraces proofreading and expert advice.
“I am looking for a second pair of eyes to make sure that my essay is flawless.”
Try our Proofreading service to have your essay polished.
“I need a package of documents that are consistent in style and complement each other.”
Be totally ready to apply with our All In One package.
Premier order
Turnaround of the package is 14 days
  • Step 1 Brainstorming session
  • Step 2 Phone consultation with the editor
  • Step 3 Craft first draft based on editor’s suggestions
  • Step 4 7 days of unlimited interaction via email
  • Step 5 Second phone conversation with the editor
  • Step 6 Compose the second draft
  • Step 7 7 days of email support
  • Step 8 Get the top-notch essay
  • Step 9 Apply to the university of your dream
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With Premier Package, you will get personalized recommendations on the content and structure of your essay and will learn to present your motivation and experience to a particular university. EssayEdge Editor will guide you through the process of creating a successful final draft.
Standard Service
Turnaround of the package is 48 hours and 24 hours rush option
  • Step 1 Receive one comprehensive edit of grammatical mistakes along with the critique
  • Step 2 One follow-up email to the editor
  • Step 3 Possibilty to add a second reading of the already received essay
Add 2nd Edit Service
2nd Edit Service
Turnaround of the package is 7 days
  • Step 1 Receive one comprehensive edit of the same essay attached in the Standard Service
  • Step 2 Detailed critique
  • Step 3 7 days of unlimited interaction with the editor via email
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+50% of order price for 2nd edit
Our Standard Package includes a critical review of your essay's structure, improvement of the flow, recommendations on how to make your essay longer/shorter, and comprehensive check for grammatical errors, punctuation, and stylistics.say.
Turnaround of the package is 48 hours or 24 hours rush service
  • Step 1 Submit the near-final essay
  • Step 2 Get proofread correcting all grammatical mistakes
  • Step 3 Trace brief critique with minimal constructive suggestions
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Proofreading Package is perfect for those with a near-final essay looking for a quick polish. An editor will proofread your work for typos and grammatical errors you may have missed.
All in one
Turnaround of the service is 7 days or 3 days rush option
  • Step 1 Upload 3+ essays per one order
  • Step 2 Receive comprehensive edits of grammatical mistakes along with the critique
  • Step 3 Email interaction with the editor
  • Step 4 Possibility to add a second reading of the already submitted essays
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When you apply to university, you need to prepare the full package of documents. If you choose All in One package by EssayEdge, all your documents will be coherent and crafted in one style; they will highlight your strongest features and complement each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our service and the ways we can help with your school application.

You will be asked to submit your payment after you upload your essay. We accept only secure payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
After you have selected your editing service, you can drag and drop your files or upload them in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx), as Plain Text (.txt), or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

EssayEdge offers services ranging from proofreading to full critiques. Our Proofreading service includes a check for typos and grammatical errors and is best for those with a near-final essay. Our Standard service combines proofreading with a constructive critique based on your essay’s structure, content, and tone. Lastly, our Premier service is the most comprehensive. It includes proofreading and review, plus a brainstorming session, 2 phone conversations with your editor, and 14 days of email support.

If you are looking for admissions consulting plus editing, then our All In One Package is for you. This includes professional admissions consulting for one application, along with all the editing services needed for each piece of the application. For more information, contact us.

Check our FAQ for more detailed information