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The road to law school begins with an extraordinarily competitive application process. Your personal statement is your chance to show admissions officers what sets you apart from other applicants. Don't leave it to chance – give yourself an edge with personalized admissions writing guidance from editing experts at EssayEdge.

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Most comprehensive & best value – from initial topic brainstorm to finished essay, we'll coach you every step of the way

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  • With the increase in competition, application essays are more important than ever
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Your Law School Statement of Purpose Is Your Best Argument for Admission

Think your law school personal statement is something you can crank out at the last minute? Think again. Today more than ever, law schools put enormous emphasis on law school essays when deciding which applicants will be accepted and which will be rejected. It takes an extremely strong, personal, and compelling law school essay to set yourself apart from the crowd of other competitive applicants and give yourself a leg up in today’s cutthroat application process. Otherwise, you’re likely to fade into the crowd.

Why is your law personal statement so important?

  • Most applicants to top law programs have strong test scores and GPAs. The personal statement helps admissions officers choose among students with similar credentials.
  • A great law school personal statement shows the reader why you are interested in pursuing a law degree and what you plan to do once you earn it.
  • Effective communication skills are a vital trait required of every legal professional. Your statement is your first chance to showcase your abilities to someone at your target school.
  • Many applicants have issues around their candidacy, large or small, that need to be explained in greater detail – your essay is a great place to provide this invaluable supplemental information.

Every Individual is Different, so Your Law School Essay Must Be Unique

No two law school applicants are exactly alike, though you wouldn’t know that from looking only at GPAs and LSAT scores. In fact, on paper, many law school applicants boast credentials that are remarkably similar to others, especially when you focus on applicants to individual law schools. That’s one of the biggest reasons that your law school personal statement carries so much weight with the admissions committee.

Law schools seek students who can synthesize large amounts of complex information into convincing arguments and then present those arguments in a compelling way; your law school statement of purpose is your first chance to make a persuasive case of that sort, this time in favor of your admission. Your statement of purpose for law school is an outstanding opportunity to illustrate your commitment to issues surrounding law and justice and outline a career vision that clarifies your pursuit of a degree in this field. Beyond simply detailing your qualifications, a truly effective statement will convince admissions officials that you will be a great addition to their school.

EssayEdge boasts an extensive and experienced network of editors ready to help you write the best statement that you’re capable of crafting. Writing well in a law admissions setting is about much more than big words, grammatical perfection, and engaging stories; you need to put everything together in an essay that truly captures your reader’s imagination. With one-on-one guidance from a law admissions professional, your law school application essay will present an airtight case for your admission to the law school of your choice. Whether you need a single proofread to catch any lingering errors or several weeks of personalized assistance from one of our editors, we have a service ready to meet your unique needs. What are you waiting for? Take the first step toward a successful career practicing law by writing a personal statement that will truly sway your target audience!