Law School Essays Must Be More than Just Good Writing

Law school essays must be more than just good writing, in order to capture the attention of the admissions committee. The most successful law school essays are fresh, innovative, and carefully and skillfully planned to present the candidate in the best possible point of view.

If you are preparing to write your law school essay, consider the elements of a good law school essay as well as the purpose of the statement. The role of law school essays is to offer an expanded view of the candidate, personalizing the application and making it memorable. The vital role of the law school essay, then, is to add color, dimension, and texture to the application, taking the exceptional candidate off the page into a creative three-dimensional setting. Your law school essays should be imaginative, remarkable in scope, unique in content, and extraordinary in presenting you as the ideal law school candidate, poised for success in your chosen field.

Does Your Law School Essay Help Your Application?

The elements of good law school essays include the basics of good grammar, proper use of language, interesting and strong wording, and correct sentence structure. But law school essays must be more than just good writing. The best law school essays engage the reader by cleverly offering insights into the character and motivation of the application. Create a law school essay which reveals your genuine commitment to the field and your dreams for the future. Help the admissions committee see beyond the basic application statistics to your promise as a law school student. If you have volunteered for a political campaign, consider writing about that experience in the essay. Have you been an elected representative to student government, exposed early to the vagaries of an adversarial organization? Have you championed a non-profit organization as a volunteer, fighting for the rights of the underserved? There are many ways to let the admissions committee get to know you beyond the confines of the standard application. One of these is to define and detail in your law school essay your goals for your career after receiving the coveted degree. Another is to use specific examples to “show” the admissions committee your enthusiasm for law school, rather than just “telling” them about your plans.

Law school essays must go beyond good writing to offer creativity and depth in the description of the candidate’s potential for success in law school. A good essay has the potential to make the candidate memorable, helping the application to move forward.

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