Make a Case for Your Admission in Your Law School Personal Statements

You can use law school personal statements to make a case for your admission. The statements are the perfect vehicle to highlight your individual strengths and deep-rooted passion for the law.

It must be a strong case, thoroughly considered and calculated to highlight the best reasons for your admission. Making the case for your admission should be as carefully planned as if you were presenting it in a courtroom. Writing your law school personal statements can be good practice for arguing the merits of a legal opinion in the future.

Law school personal statement editing can serve a valuable purpose in the process. Editing provides another viewpoint, besides your own, of the quality and merits of the law school personal statements.

When you begin writing your law school personal statements, using a logical approach can be a very good idea. Create an outline of the personal statement, carefully noting the major points which you hope to cover. Law school personal statements should be just that: personal statements.

The purpose of the statement, from the perspective of the admissions committee, is to get to know the candidate better. This is the applicant’s opportunity to show the admissions committee traits or ideals that are not specifically covered on the application. The candidate’s own opinions and specific goals are ideal topics for law school personal statements. Make yourself come alive on the written page. Describe your memorable experiences with legal situations, whether through volunteer work or personal situations.

Law School Personal Statement Editing will Vastly Improve your Work

Create a statement which reveals your commitment to the field and your dreams for the future. Help the admissions committee see beyond the statistics to the candidate’s suitability for their law school program. If you have volunteered for a political campaign, consider writing about that experience. Were you an elected representative to student government, exposed early to the vagaries of an adversarial organization? Have you campaigned for a non-profit organization, fighting for the rights of the underserved? There are many ways to let the admissions committee get to know you beyond the margins of your standard application.

Once the essay is completed, the law school personal statement editing process can begin. Choose a professional editor with a perspective different from your own to review and edit your personal statement. Ask the editor if you made the case for your admission with your law school personal statement. Any suggestions for improvement should be seriously considered, using all assistance to benefit your application. Make your case!

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