Business School Essays Play a Significant Role in Admissions Decisions

Business school essays play a significant role in admissions decisions. Essays which are well-written and engage the reader immediately may encourage the admissions committee to continue considering the application.

What is the role of the business school essay in an application for a MBA program? It is one of the major components of the application packet. The other components include the application itself, the resume or CV, depending on the applicant, transcripts, standardized test scores, and letters of recommendation. The applicant has no control or creative input into the transcripts and test scores. The same is true of letters of recommendation. The resume or CV can be written to cleverly emphasize experience and duties, within the job description. Only the business school essays offer the opportunity in the application for creativity and personalization, explanation, and description of goals.

What should I write about for my business school essays?

Composing good business school essays requires attention to detail, writing skills, self-confidence, and a knowledge of proper grammar and punctuation. Attention to detail is important in order to organize and prioritize details of the essay. Writing skills can make the business school essay more attractive, appealing to the reader, and enjoyable to read. A skillful writer uses ingenuity and composing ability to draw the reader in to the essay. Whether an essay is serious or designed to be entertaining, it should also be informative.

Business school essays can cover a wide range of topics, which are extremely interesting. The application can write about a marketing campaign for a new product or a management team retreat, designed to bring employees together in pursuit of a common goal. Current events and personal experiences offer good topics for business school essays for MBA program applicants. The role of these business school essays is to be a significant factor in the admissions decision process by highlighting the applicant’s strengths.

Business school essays should be as positive as possible. Avoid focusing on negative events or grades in the hopes of explaining them. Rather than draw attention to the negative, focus instead on the positive aspects of the application, using the business school essay to help with this emphasis on the applicant’s talents and preparedness for the challenges of the program.

Remember that business school essays should provide the extra information which will hopefully influence the admissions committee. Write about a favorite volunteer project or a self-designed small business plan to capture the reader’s attention. Use the business school essay to tell the admissions committee what you want them to know about you!

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