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An Excellent Dental Personal Statement Helps You Get Admitted

While most people dread going to the dentist, some instead feel drawn to the profession and decide to embark on a career working with teeth. Just as with medicine, however, becoming a dentist requires some of the most challenging and in-depth education available today. With careers in dentistry demanding perfection from their practitioners – and paying very well in today’s world – it’s no surprise that earning admission to a dental program is extremely difficult.

Even after taking the requisite undergraduate course load, securing quality recommendations, taking the DAT, building a strong base of relevant experience, and gathering all of those elements together into a strong packet, dental school applicants must still take the time to write a dental personal statement that ties their application together and helps the admissions committee get to know them on a more intimate basis. Without an essay that shares your motivations, qualifications, and aspirations as they relate to this rigorous career choice, you may find that even near perfect grades and test scores aren’t enough to earn you admission to your top-choice dental program.

EssayEdge Helps You Write a Great Dental School Application Personal Statement

Even though there is no guaranteed content that will make your dental essay outstanding, there are some general rules that can help guide you as you prepare to write. Keep these in mind.

First off, ensure that the content you decide to include in your dental personal statement is intimately connected to you. One of the most common ways in which dental school applicants weaken their personal statements is by including vague generalizations about “brightening smiles,” “improving lives,” “spreading good brushing habits,” or some similar statement. Such content will never help your essay and instead will make you fade into the crowd. Like many medical fields, dentistry is full of generalizations, and you should take special care to avoid using them in your personal statement.

Secondly and on a related note, be honest. The admissions committee wants to get to know you better, and they’ll be reviewing your personal statement in concert with the rest of your application. Thus, you should avoid the temptation to embellish your credentials or otherwise lie. You will almost certainly be caught, and today’s focus on academic and professional integrity means that your application will be dead in the water. Don’t embellish, don’t lie, and don’t plagiarize. It’s as simple as that.

Lastly, avoid repeating information. As I just noted, your personal statement will be reviewed as part of your overall application. Thus, if something is already covered in some other part of your app, don’t waste time mentioning it in your dental personal statement. You need to construct a unique narrative based on personal experiences that aren’t detailed in a resume.

If you have any questions about your dental personal statement, the expert editors at EssayEdge are ready to help you today. From proofreading to in-depth consultations, our highly educated admissions professionals from schools like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford are ready to help you with personalized guidance that ensures your writing is as strong as it can be!