Why Your Nursing School Admission Essay Is Important

You studied hard in school, devoted hours to volunteering at the local hospital or nursing home, scored well on the standardized admissions tests, and, finally, you requested and received sterling letters of recommendation from several medical professionals. What is left to do in your pursuit of a medical education? You need to make your application stand out from the crowd and this is why your nursing school admission essay is important.

A polished and professional nursing admission essay is the perfect medium to let the admissions committee get to know you as an individual. The committee reviews many applications, most of which have similar test scores, transcripts, volunteer experience, and glowing recommendations. The best way, then, to be a notable candidate is to create a memorable nursing admission essay.

The nursing school admission essay is a very personal document, created by you and over which you have complete control, unlike other portions of your application. You cannot change a disappointing grade in an advanced biology course or improve your standardized test scores, but you can write a moving and unique nursing school admission essay which may make the difference in your application’s success. Writing a nursing admission essay which describes in remarkable detail your interest in pursuing a career in nursing could boost your acceptance chances. Highlighting your motivation to become a nursing professional in a way that is both impressive and distinctive could make the difference in an effective nursing admission essay.

The Nursing Admission Essay in Context

What should the nursing school admission essay say about you that will help convince the admissions committee that you are a qualified candidate for the degree program? The nursing admission essay should include an unforgettable story which “shows,” rather than “tells,” your reasons for choosing the field. This is an excellent way to communicate to the reader that your interest is genuine. The nursing school admission essay also ought to provide insight into the applicant’s reasons for pursing the degree program, including long term goals, motivation, experience and commitment to caring for others.

Devoting part of the nursing school admission essay to your long term goals and ardent desire for a career in nursing could be an excellent way to confirm your dedication and commitment to the field. Lofty goals are fine but specific details of your plan for a career in the field might improve your chances for acceptance. Remember that your nursing school admission essay is important to your application’s success. Write a professional, polished nursing admission essay to accompany your application and become a memorable candidate.

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