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A Great Personal Statement for Medical School Improves Your Chance of Admission

If you want to practice medicine, you may believe that nothing is more important than your performance in science-related courses and on the MCAT. While those elements are vital to your application, they are not the only thing you need to give yourself the best chance of enrolling in your target medical school. In fact, your personal statement for medical school can make or break your application even if you have a great GPA, impressive resume, and strong test scores.

Why is a single essay so important to your application, especially considering that you want to focus on a science-related career? Simply put, a med school personal statement is your one chance to speak directly to the admissions committee and explain to them why you want to become a doctor, why you are particularly well suited for this profession, and how you are different than the tens of thousands of other highly qualified applicants hoping for a coveted spot in the next incoming class of aspiring doctors.

EssayEdge Can Help You Write an Outstanding Med School Personal Statement

At EssayEdge, our editors are highly trained, experienced admissions professionals with degrees from Ivy-League universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and others. Since 1997, we have been providing an unparalleled level personalized assistance to countless med school applicants. Our 99% customer satisfaction rate speaks to the extraordinary level of pride we take in our work and the trust our clients have in our ability to help them achieve their admissions goals.

For medical school applicants, we recognize that the vast majority of individuals will be using the AMCAS – the American Medical College Application Service – to submit applications to all of their target programs. Whether you’re applying to two schools or twenty, you will use the exact same essay for all of your programs: the 5,300-character personal statement required as part of the AMCAS application. Since almost every applicant will be writing that exact same general personal statement, it can be particularly challenging to stand out from the crowd through your writing.

Purchasing an editing service from EssayEdge connects you with a writing and admissions professional who knows exactly what it takes to write a personal statement for medical school that will get you noticed in a positive way. With our Standard, Proofreading, and Premier package options, we have a service available to meet your exact needs whether you want a single review for grammar and usage or in-depth guidance from brainstorming through final revision. Best of all, every one of our services lets you work one-on-one with an EssayEdge editing professional, ensuring that you receive the highest level of customized assistance possible. When striving to write something as important as a med school personal statement, it’s vital that you leave nothing to chance; put your best foot forward with an essay that truly leaves the reader saying, “Wow!”