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A thorough edit will help you communicate your idea effectively and raise your chances of being accepted.

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Get Your Paper Reviewed and Proofread by Experienced Editors

Hire paper editor to proofread your academic work before the submission. Having mistakes can make your writings evaluated less than they should be by the professor, so don’t miss a chance to get your paper reviewed by a professional.

Devoting a lot of time for the important school writings you put a lot of effort into the meaning of your writing and the message it carries. And you can’t help but miss a grammar mistake or a misspelled word. Our service can help you with editing and proofreading so your paper is error-free and perfect for submitting.

Be Confident With Our Paper Editing Service

A sure way to have a mistake-free paper is to give it to someone for proofreading as they will look at the text with a fresh pair of eyes. Whether it is your friend, someone from your family or class. But the best option is giving your paper to the professional for a check, as it will greatly benefit you in the educational process. All our experts have been editing papers for years and they have an eye for the typical mistakes students make that can lower their score.

Our online paper editor will check your writings for the mistakes that can slip in your admission documents. EssayEdge editors are highly professional specialists in editing academic papers. Our professionals have edited countless papers and made them perfect. By choosing our service you will have the assistance of alumni of the most prestigious US schools. All our editors show the professional skills of reviewing any academic work as they know the requirements for student’s educational institution and know the typical mistakes a student can make writing the paper. Furthermore, they will give you personalized recommendations that will be a great asset in future writings.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring Paper Editing Services

Sending your paper without through edit and review may not be the best choice when it is your first writing in the school. Paper editing service is the most convenient and reliable way to get rid of all errors in your writings. Our paper proofreader will make your text grammatically flawless, clear, coherent, and strictly according to your school requirements. It will be completely ready for sending to your school advisor as you will have a paper proofread by an experienced editor.

By hiring a professional to proofread my paper who will work on your text, you will achieve better academic results and get valuable suggestions on how to improve your writing. He will notice every illogical sentence or more important compliance to the requirements of your educational institution and will make suggestions on how to make your document perfect.

The expert editor is better than an automatic checking tool as no automatic spell checker can detect all errors. It can assist in writing your text and avoiding general grammar mistakes, but having someone experienced proofread your paper and fully assess the context, spelling, coherence, structure, and compliance with the requirements. The program does not understand the context, it simply compares the words with those in the dictionary. What’s more, sometimes the program advises changing the correct option to the wrong one, which will never be the case with an experienced editor.

Make Your Paper Impeccable with Our Proofreading Service

If you need to check the document you have been working on – leave perfecting it on our service. When you have your text finished but needing just correcting typos, spelling, and punctuation errors – order a proofreading service. Our editor will help make your paper better, by correcting the word choice as well as avoiding cliché and unoriginal words and phrases. By hiring our proofreader, you will have your paper checked for:

  • the errors of style,
  • spelling mistakes,
  • punctuation mistakes,
  • usage mistakes,
  • correct grammar,
  • citation style.

If you consider your text finished but needing just correcting typos, spelling, and punctuation errors – order a paper proofreading service. EssayEdge editors will help make your paper better, by correcting the word choice as well as avoiding cliché and unoriginal words and phrases. All our experts have professional credentials and are experienced editing texts to perfection compared to other paper editing websites.

We have a team of professional editors who worked with us for years helping students achieve their goals whether it is entering the university or making sure the paper the student submissions for a class assignment is perfect and will help you succeed academically.

Students All Over the World Trust Us When They Are Looking for Service to Proofread and Edit My Paper

The academic paper for your school must be competent, coherent, understandable, consistent with the topic, and in accordance with all the requirements that your professor has given you. In addition, by proofreading your paper our editor will help with the logic, the text narrative, the disclosure of the topic, and other components related to the content of the text.

You can send a draft or a finished piece for our editor to review. As stylistic inconsistency can be one of the most typical mistakes students make writing their academic paper, we will check your documents for consistent usage of the same terms and the same style of writing, as well as making sure there is no tautology in the text.

Our editor will send you personalized suggestions on how to improve the structure, the tone, and the flow of your text. By getting the professional help you will perfect your writing style and get valuable feedback from professionals on how to make your paper clear, coherent, and persuasive.

Why Choose Us

Students are supposed to deal with writing in marketing, accounting, management, and other areas that require a strong command of grammar, structure, and style.

At EssayEdge, we have paper editors to comment on weaknesses, inconsistencies and wrong constructions of your essay and transform them into a strong and convincing piece of writing.

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Personal Statement

You write this essay to introduce yourself and show your potential contribution to the community. Personal statement brainstorming with our editors can help express your thoughts effectively.

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Statement of Purpose

This essay describes why you want to participate in a particular program or enter a specific school. Professional brainstorming with our experts may help you define your goals and write them down.

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Admission Essay

Always submit additional essays if you have a chance to do so, focusing on your personality or the diversity that you will bring to the university. A well-written admission essay is your chance to stand out.

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Some universities ask for a resume as a testimonial of practical experience. It shows who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t transform a resume into your personal statement.

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Letter of Recommendation

Every top university requests at least three letters of recommendation. You can submit either professional or academic recommendation. We can help you find out what kind of letter will work best for you.

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Cover Letter

This is an essential part of your application package, so remember to invest enough time in writing it. Let’s ensure that your letter covers all the information related to the university of your choice.

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Types of documents

Documents for Admission

The significance of communicating your ideas concisely in your academic paper cannot be underestimated. While crafting an essay, applicants should prioritize the format of the paper.

EssayEdge editors will mentor you and make sure your paper corresponds to all of the academic requirements.

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Professional Paper Editors

Over the years, EssayEdge editors have helped thousands of students by editing their academic papers. Being graduates themselves, our editors know exactly what to focus on in writing and what to avoid. Most importantly, EssayEdge editors know how to make your voice shine through your application essay.

Hire one of our experts, and they will help you with brainstorming, proofreading and editing to make your application concise, persuasive, and original.

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Turnaround - 48 hours

You did a great job and almost finished your essay, but you still need a final check. Our editor will proofread your work for typos and grammatical errors, providing you with minor constructive suggestions.

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0 - 600 words $69

601 - 1,200 words $99

1,201 - 1,800 words $129

1.801 - 2,400 words $159

+2,400 words $12 per + 100 words

24-hour rush +$59

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Turnaround - 48 hours

You have a half-finished essay, but you still need proofreading and expert critique to strengthen your writing. Our editor will help improve your style and will provide a detailed review of the essay structure, content, and tone.

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0 - 600 words $149

601 - 1,200 words $199

1,201 - 1,800 words $239

1,801 - 2,400 words $279

+2,400 words $12 per + 100 words

24-hour rush +$59

Second reading +50% of order price

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from $199

Turnaround - 7 days

You need a package of documents that are consistent in style and complement each other. Submit 3+ documents in one order, and we will assign one editor to work on them. The editor will polish all your docs and add suggestions on style and tone.

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1,800 - 2,400 words $199

2,401 - 3,000 words $249

3,001 - 3,600 words