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Best Universities for Highest Graduate Starting Salaries

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Updated: March 2, 2023
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Every student has a strong desire to enter the most prestigious university and get the best background for a future career. Thus, return on investment (ROI) and graduate starting salaries are among the most important criteria for choosing an institution. So, we decided to prepare a list of the most prospective universities regarding the median salary rate after graduation. 

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Top 5 Best Starting Salaries Universities

The specialists predict the increase in graduate universities salaries in the next 5 years. What is more, employers will prefer students who have at least one year of working experience in their field together with a graduate degree. 

The college category also affects the starting salary rank. Here is a small comparison of the annual salaries for the next three years depending on the college:

Years Private School Public School
2022 $85,778 $82,212
2023 $90,993 $87,210
2024 $96,526 $92,512

We are going to compare graduate starting salaries and list the top 5 national universities with the highest ROI (return on investment) rank. In this table, we compared the median salary to the cost of attendance ratio and listed the most popular graduate programs.

University Tuition & Fees (2021-2022) STARTING SALARIES Majors in Demand
Princeton University (NJ) $56,010 $66,700 Social Sciences
Computer Science
Biological Science
Carnegie Mellon University (PA) $58,924 $69,700 Electric and Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science
Business Administration
Stanford University (CA) $56,169 $70,300 Computer Science
Electric Engineering
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology $55,878 $76,900 Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
California Institute of Technology $58,680 $78,400 Engineering
Computer Science
Physical Sciences
Biological and Medical Sciences

Reasons for Higher Competition

Many applicants are doubting whether tough competition is reasonable for the grad school with the highest ROI. Let’s look through the main reasons for that:

  • Prestigious universities mean education of the top level;
  • Top-ranked universities should maintain their reputation, so they need to get the best applicants;
  • The best rankings imply the best faculty and facilities;
  • The competition between the universities that offer better salary perspectives is similarly high as among the applicants.

The most prestigious universities are often related to the top highest salaries on the job market. That’s why the increasing demand for universities that have the highest starting salaries results in the great importance of the ranking. 

Not only the applicants compete for a place in their dream universities. Elite schools, the same, are looking for the best of the best candidates. Of course, high academic and test scores are among the main requirements. But the personal statement can become a determining factor in the rivalry among the most brilliant applicants. 

That’s why the candidates should take the admission tests seriously. By the way, professional editing can be really helpful for boosting your chances of getting into the desired university. Expert proofreading is an opportunity to present yourself stronger even if your grades are not as perfect as you wanted.

How to Choose the University with the Best ROI?

To make the best choice, the applicant should compare the latest statistics on the universities with highest starting salaries (including the predictions for the next 5–10 years). The job market is changing according to the latest tendencies. So, it’s vital to keep in mind the careers in demand for the near future.  

Still, the salary rate is not the only important factor to consider while choosing the best university. The first thing you need to remember is that the university should correspond to your personal requirements, expectations, and preferences. 

Before making a final decision, look through these criteria:

  • Location;
  • Facilities;
  • Surrounding area;
  • Overall university ranking;
  • Employment prospects;
  • Societies.

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It’s also better to thoroughly analyze the career factors that matter to you the most. Think carefully about your career path after graduation from the university. For example, try to answer the following questions:

  1. What responsibilities will I have?
  2. How much time will I spend doing my job? What about work and life balance?
  3. What skills are required to get the desired job? 
  4. What employee benefits matter to me the most?

After finishing it, you will have a bigger picture. And it becomes clear whether the desired university meets all your criteria. 

Final Words

While searching for the best university for admission, remember that you need to consider a list of factors, not only the graduate starting salary rate. Do not forget that the best universities with a high ROI are searching for the best of the bests. So, start your preparation for the admission cycle as early as possible. 

In case of any troubles, the EssayEdge team is always ready to help polish your admission papers. We wish you good luck in your competition for the dream place! May the force be with you!

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