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Whether your consultation lacks quality editing of your student’s application documents or you have a relevant student audience to spread the word about EssayEdge and earn a commission, EssayEdge partners with numerous education agencies, media sites, content creators and website publishers.

How it works

How we can work together

For educational agencies
We partner with education agents looking for the best admission editing service to help students get accepted to their dream university.
Earn affiliate commissions by joining our fast-growing affiliate program
Monetize your content with ease and earn a 10-15% commission for sales. We work with influencers, bloggers, content creators, media websites, education agencies, student resource websites, and study abroad consultations.
Collaborate with EssayEdge and make materials together
If you have a student audience, we will be happy to collaborate and prepare blog posts, guides, or admission preparation materials.
Social media partners and influencers
Partner with a trusted brand that has 25 years of presence on the market. We offer guidance and assistance for setting up a successful ad campaign that will also allow you to grow your audience and earn an affiliate commission.
For education agencies

We collaborate to meet your editing needs

Whether you need an MBA, Law, Medical, Graduate, or College essay editing, we have experienced editors that work with the needed type of editing expertise. We offer flexible partnership options that can be tailored to meet your needs in editing: each partner gets a special offer for our services that depends on the number of orders made. We partner with companies from Japan, India, UK, the US, Korea, Vietnam, China, Dominican Republic, and many more.

For affiliates

Join №1 Affiliate Program in the College category

EssayEdge affiliate partners engage consumers through various promotion types: content, email, app, loyalty, and coupon. Premium affiliate terms for content publishers: increased commission, incentives for creating original content, leapfrog transactions. Join a fast-growing affiliate program with a 40% YOY growth on CJ Affiliate Network. Our affiliate management team will guide you and set up a unique customer offer for your visitors to help you succeed.

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Referral program for customers

Edit your admission documents with a friend and
get $15 on your balance

When you refer a friend to EssayEdge, you — and the person you refer — can each earn $15 on your balance. The more friends you refer, the more you can save! Just share a personal referral link available in your Personal Area.

For every order you place,
get 3% cashback on your balance

Get 3% cashback as bonuses with every order you place. Accumulate all the bonuses in your account to save more on your next orders. You can pay up to 50% of your order with your bonuses. It is more than with any of the coupons available!

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