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Why Choose EssayEdge editing services?

Founded in 1997, EssayEdge is the leading admission editing service. We are committed to providing exceptional editing services and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. EssayEdge reviews and customer success stories prove to us that the editing and proofreading services we provide help you enter your dream universities. We are honoured to be a part of your path to successful college life and work hard to maintain this status.

What are the EssayEdge reviews?

All our editors are held to rigorous ethical standards. We know that crafting an admission document can be a very daunting task. EssayEdge editors are trained to provide constructive advice and grammatical improvement without infringing upon your creativity and unique voice. We do not write essays. However, being a team of knowledgeable professionals with expertise in editing in more than 20 years, we are dedicated to helping you create the admission document you will be proud of. Our editors, who are graduates of Ivy League schools and can give you the best guidance for how to make your essay differentiate and impress the admission committee by being perfectly-crafted and flawless. Your editor considers your background, application type, instructions and other information you provide to craft recommendations that match your needs.

What types of documents can EssayEdge review and edit?

EssayEdge edits and proofreads admission essays, statements of purpose, personal statements, motivation letters, cover letters, resumes, supplementary essays, addendums and other admission documents. If you have something other than the documents mentioned above, contact us and we can customize a service to fit your needs.

What types of editing services does EssayEdge offer?

EssayEdge offers services ranging from proofreading to full critiques. Our Proofreading service is the best for those applicants with the near-final essay. It provides a check for typos and grammatical mistakes. Our Standard service is perfect for international students and those applicants who need more guidance with the structure, style and flow of their essay. It combines proofreading with a constructive critique based on the essay’s content and tone. All in One service allows you to upload from 3 to 5 essays per one order and is the best choice for those who need help with different types of admission documents. And our Premier service is the most comprehensive one. If you do not know how to start crafting your admission document and need assistance with formulating your ideas, Premier service will be a perfect choice. It includes the personalized approach, brainstorming session with your editor, 2 phone consultations and 14 days of constant email support.

Do EssayEdge editors specialize in particular disciplines?

EssayEdge editors have expertise and knowledge to improve any piece of your essay. We offer editing services in the following fields: MBA, College, Graduate, Medical, Academic and Law, and we have editors proficient in all of these spheres.

Do you work on weekends?

We are working 24/7 to help you craft the most impressive admission document and get accepted to the university of your choice.

What Our Clients Write About Us

We appreciate the trust you place in us. Each feedback is the reminder that our commitment to excellence helps you succeed and achieve your goals.

10 / 10 service rate

10 / 10 editor rate

I really loved Melissa’s work and when working with me, it seemed like a close friend was helping me with my paper!

Benny E.

Personal statement Santa Clara university | February 2020

10 / 10 service rate

10 / 10 editor rate

English is not my first language and I'm sure there are usually different kind of errors in my essays but I usually try to keep the flow right. I definitely need a great critique to find the issues and fix them for me. The basic option seems to work pretty well for me.

Nariman M.

Business Application Essay Berkeley, Wharton | February 2020

10 / 10 service rate

10 / 10 editor rate

Jacqueline Feldman was excellent. She made suggestions and edited parts to make my essay so much better. The service is excellent for a good price too. Will come back again. Very pleased!

Angel B.

Academic Statement of Purpose University of Michigan | January 2020

10 / 10 service rate

10 / 10 editor rate

Editor's comment is so motivated and very appropriate correction. I am very satisfied. Thanks a lot!!

Manabu H.

Statement of Purpose Furetcher School,Elliott School,UC San Diego | January 2020

10 / 10 service rate

10 / 10 editor rate

The editor kindly provided me very considerable and useful critiques which lead to facilitating my further works on essay and improving the structure and message of the essay greatly.

Sho T.

Essay Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy | December 2019

Still not sure about your statement of purpose ?

Edit Now

10 / 10 service rate

10 / 10 editor rate

Melissa is absolutely the best editor I have encountered. A friend of mine also recommended her. Her good reputation is spreading!

Miho T.

Law Application Essay | NYU (New York University) | December 2019

10 / 10 service rate

10 / 10 editor rate

The mindful critique gave me an opportunity to rethink how to state my consideration correctly. Moreover, the words from the editor made me more confident in my essay. Thank you so much.

Taishi A.

Statement of Purpose | Harvard | November 2019

10 / 10 service rate

10 / 10 editor rate

The experience at EssayEdge is very enjoyable because everything is clear and the editor is friendly and efficient. I will choose it again when I need.

Qingyin C.

Recommendation letter | University of California, Berkeley | November 2019

10 / 10 service rate

10 / 10 editor rate

It was a 5-star experience for me! Mr. Willard's comments are insightful, thoughtful, and very encouraging. His help truly dramatically improves my essay, and I would definitely recommend EssayEdge to my friends.

Yvonne C.

College Application Essay | Harvard Grad School of Education | November 2019

10 / 10 service rate

10 / 10 editor rate

The quick service is very assuring! The editing quality is of course satisfying. Thank you.

Ayami N.

CV | Msc Public Health | October 2019

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