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How to write a Great Residency Personal Statement

Your residency personal statement is your opportunity to demonstrate passion and purpose in choosing your specialty. And this is the difference between a passable and a great residency personal statement. Creating a winning residency personal statement is less a matter of native writing talent than about having a good plan for achieving this goal. To ensure that you submit a great personal statement to your top pick programs, understand that this is not an overnight process nor is it a solo project:start early and get others to help you.

Why start early?

1. In all likelihood, you haven’t written a personal statement since med school. This means that you’re probably a little out of practice and need time to organize and write your residency personal statement

2. Your personal statement needs to evolve and develop, and this takes time. Starting early gives you the opportunity to sort through ideas, put the personal statement down for a time, and gives you some leeway in case you get sidetracked with other aspects of life.

Why get help?

1. Since you are very familiar with yourself, it can be easy to overlook things that would be important for another person to know in order to fully understand the points that you are making. Feedback will help you bridge these gaps.

2. As you move through multiple versions of your residency personal statement (as hopefully you will), your eyes and mind become inured to mistakes in the essay. You’ll be surprised at the sometimes glaring errors that another person can help point out to you.

While you are still in the writing process, it is an excellent idea to have your residency personal statement read by others who are in medicine. However, when you get the final stages of development, you may wish to consider hiring a professional editor from residency personal statement services. Working with professional residency personal statement services is a great way to ensure that your statement has quality content, is error-free, and conveys your intended message to residency selectors.

Residency Personal Statement Services Can Help you Get Selected to Your First Choice Residency Program

While most applicants understand the importance of the residency personal statement, the vast majority do not take the steps needed to ensure that their statement is free of errors – not only in technical aspects like grammar and word choice, but also in content. These types of errors can be substantial barriers to being selected to your first choice program, regardless of how qualified you are as an applicant. However, all of these things can be easily remedied with the help of experienced editors available through residency personal statement services.

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