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How to Overcome Writer’s Block and Craft a Perfect College Essay

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Updated: February 15, 2023
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Have you ever felt depressed because you do not know how to start writing an essay? If yes, it means that you came across writer’s block. It is a state when a person cannot start the writing process or proceed with it.

It can become a great problem, especially for applicants who need to prepare several application essays. The good news is that there are various solutions. Thus, we prepared a review of the most effective ways to overcome your writing block. But first, let’s look thoroughly at the origin of this psychological state. 

What Do Specialists Suggest?

Psychologists mention that writer’s block is quite a frequent problem. More than 70% of students come across this issue occasionally. The research shows that various causes are related to this problem. Let’s look through the most common ones:

How to Overcome Writer's Block and Craft a Perfect College Essay

The specialist mentions that everyone should find an individual way to overcome writer’s block. Still, psychologists mention the most effective solutions: 

  • Physical activity. It is helpful to refresh your mind. For instance, yoga, walking, or mild exercising can boost brain activity.  
  • Reward yourself. It is a nice way to get the additional stimulus. 
  • Ask for help. It is OK to ask for help. Sometimes, applicants lack support or professional advice. All these results in writer’s block.

Best Tips to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a widespread problem not among the applicants or students. Even famous writers suffer from this issue.  

Did You Know?

Dan Brown, a famous American writer, practices an unusual approach to dealing with writer’s block. It’s called inversion therapy. Just imagine: your favorite author puts on gravity boots and hangs upside down. After finishing this procedure, he continues writing his next bestseller. Sounds funny? But it really works!

And Dan Brown is not the only famous person who uses such extraordinary methods. Ernest Hemmingway, Virginia Woolf, Charles Dickens, and Lewis Carrol preferred to walk miles to take a rest from writing. 

Daily rituals are also effective in overcoming writer’s block. For instance, Stephen King mentioned once in an interview that he preferred to start his day with a cup of tea and vitamins. Also, the papers are always arranged in exactly the same way on his table. 

We also prepared the five best tips to deal with a writer’s block

  1. Relax. This tip may sound strange, but it definitely works. When you feel stressed and do not know what to do, the best decision is to take some time for a rest. Choose the best way to relax. For example, go to the local park and enjoy the natural beauty or spend some time with your friend. After some rest, you will feel inspired and full of great ideas.
  2. Change the Location. Sitting and writing all the time can lead to stagnation. To avoid this state, you can try to move to another location. Writing an essay will become a pleasant experience while sitting in your favorite cafe and drinking coffee. No doubt, the new atmosphere will help get some insights, and it will be easier to write a couple of paragraphs. But if you still need additional inspiration, our Samples page will help to find out more ideas.
  3. Try Special Techniques. Some writing techniques can also help overcome writer’s block. Here are the most effective ones.
    • Mind Mapping. This method works when you visualize the text. You need to create a map of your text. Write the topic of your essay in the big circle in the center. Then draw small circles around—they will be subtopics (or paragraphs). Under each of them, write down all your thoughts and ideas related to the paragraph. This way, you will create a visual map of the essay, and it will be easier to write the whole text.
    • Brainstorming Ideas. Brainstorming is another great technique to deal with writer’s block. All you need is to write down any idea that comes to mind. It can be words, sentences, or anything related to the college essay. If it’s hard for you to brainstorm ideas, our EssayEdge Premier package will allow you to get full guidance from Ivy League graduates. Together, it will be easier to find out the best insights for your essay.
  4. Stop Writing for Admission Officers. Sometimes, applicants are worried about impressing the admission officers. It often becomes a dilemma that causes writer’s block. That’s why do not try to write what they expect—focus on your unique story and think about what you want to share. Do not forget that you are the main character of the plot.
  5. Forget About Structure (At Least for a Moment). Very often, an introduction is the hardest part of the essay. And the applicants feel depressed because they don’t know how to attract the committee’s attention right from the beginning. If you come across this problem, we recommend you not focus on the structure.

If you feel that it’s hard for you to begin your essay, start writing from the end or main body. Do not be afraid to experiment with the text—let the conscious help you with writing. Of course, the structure and formatting are very important. And you will fix it after finishing the essay. Or you can ask our editors to help make your essay ordered and well-formatted.

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Key Takeaway

If you come across writer’s block, do not forget that you are not alone! It is quite a common issue that is possible to solve. Hope that our tips will be useful for dealing with this problem. If you still need some help, our editors are always ready to support you with professional recommendations. 

In most cases, writer’s block is what prevents students from crafting a good application essay. Not the lack of skills and motivation, but the mental block. The more you practice writing, the faster you’ll destroy your superstitions. Please, don’t stop trying. Our experts know how to proofread college essays, so send us your drafts to get the improved version of your paper.

We wish you inspiration and good luck!

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