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Transfer Grad School: Writing a Personal Statement

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Updated: February 16, 2023

If you are here, you are certainly looking for some help on how to write a personal statement for grad transfer. And we are here to help you.
When looking through the statistics, about one-third of students commit transferring from one school to another depending on their needs. For example, someone is transferring because they have found new opportunities in another city or even state. However, the educational institution in which the student is already enrolled doesn’t provide any online classes. So, to finish studying, students transfer to grad school that can fulfil their needs. Also, one of the most spread reasons is changing the school basing on personal grounds. Separating from the purposes, each student is supposed to submit the package of documents containing grad school personal statement that explains the reasons for transferring. In this article, we want to provide you with a short and detailed explanation of how to write a personal statement for grad transfer.

What to Write about in your Transfer Essay?

As we are here to find out how to write a personal statement for grad transfer, let’s clarify the structure of the essay and the content that should be included in each of the paragraphs.
The structure of the transfer essay is pretty similar to the regular personal essay. The word limit as a rule doesn’t vary. The essay should be about 500 words. However, to be sure that you stick to the requirements, we highly recommend referring to the official site of your educational institution to clarify the availability of specific requirements. If they are not mentioned on the site, we advise contacting the transfer department to find out the details of the essay. Again, it is okay to refer to the educational institution to get the information you need.
So, when you have the word limit, think about how to write a personal statement for grad transfer to fit that requirement. We have prepared an approximate structure of the essay and the content that should be included. So, here is the list of grad personal statement prompts that will help you create an awesome essay.

    1. Introduction

Here you are to catch the reader’s attention by telling the fact you are transferring. However, do not overload the first paragraph with a great bunch of information. You will have the opportunity to express the reasons and background of your transferring in further paragraphs. Here you only have to make the reader interested in your personality as a candidate for a seat in grad school. It can be a catchy fact or something that you find the most interesting and important.

    1. Body paragraphs

As a rule, all the guidelines on how to write a personal statement for grad transfer state that the body of your essay should consist of 3 paragraphs. However, it is acceptable to vary. It can also be one paragraph or even four paragraphs. However, the most advisable number of paragraphs is three. It is enough to provide the reader with detailed explanations on your transfer, what made you decide to change your grad school, what challenges you faced in the previous school, and so on. In general, you have these paragraphs to speak your mind and tell the reader the information you want them to know.

    1. Conclusion

Talking about the past is great but also it is good to talk about the future. Our guide on how to write a personal statement for grad transfer recommends that you end the essay with a positive vibe. Tell the reader about your expectations from studying, what you can contribute to the community and what you want to take from the studying process.

Also, we highly recommend looking through the samples. In this way, you can understand the writing pattern and the structure of the essay you have to submit. Also, it can give you a general idea of what is a personal statement for grad and you will understand manage the writing process appropriately.

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The Things that Must be Avoided in your Transfer Essay

Without any doubt, there are several things that can spoil your essay within the fact of being mentioned. Therefore, if you want to know how to write a personal statement for grad transfer and not to fail it, we have prepared a list of things that should be avoided in your essay.

    1. Do not complain

Yes, we understand that there can be different circumstances, which can be very difficult to go through. However, your essay isn’t a paper for a grudge. Don’t claim your education process or school you attended as the worst that has ever happened to you. Be objective and provide real facts. Also, forget about judging. Try to provide the facts as they are without any embellishing.

    1. Forget about copy-paste

Once you have decided on how to write a personal statement for grad transfer, you should forget about copy-paste option forever. Even if you think that your reasons are not that serious or your story isn’t that engaging to catch the readers’ attention. Everything you write must be trustworthy information that doesn’t contain any plagiarism. Remember that the transfer department can check everything. Therefore, it is better to look through some grad personal statement tips to write your own outstanding essay.

  1. Check the mistakes

It is crucial to submit the essay without mistakes. It regards not only fact-checking but also the writing errors like grammatical, spelling, typos, and lexical. Even if you have found all relevant information on how to write a personal statement for grad transfer, stuck to all the provided conditions, we highly recommend graduate essay editing. You can manage the process on your own or with the help of a professional essay editor. Take editing seriously as it influences not only the quality of your essay but also the impression of you as a person who has submitted that essay.

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