Three Ways to Impress Your Reader in a Statement of Purpose for MBA


When you write your Statement of Purpose for MBA applications, you will want to impress your reader. This could improve your chances of an offer of admission. There are many ways to impress your reader but there are three ways which should ensure a successful statement of purpose for MBA.

What are the three most important ways to impress your reader in a statement of purpose for MBA?

  1. Write well. Demonstrate your professional writing skills to the reader. If you use good grammar, strong words which explain your meaning clearly and eloquently, complete sentences with consistent verb tenses, and exhibit your solid command of the language, the reader will be impressed. Also, your statement of purpose for MBA admission will be easier to understand, which means it will be more appealing to the admissions committee.
  2. Be unique. This is your opportunity to make yourself stand out in a crowded field of applicants. Define yourself using creativity. Think about what makes you unique and write about it in your statement of purpose for MBA application. Remember to give examples, tell stories, or share anecdotes which will illustrate your uniqueness. Give details which will differentiate you and make you memorable.
  3. Have well-defined long term goals. The reader will be impressed by a statement of purpose for MBA admission which includes the applicant’s dreams and goals. If you demonstrate that you know what you want to study and why, the committee could be impressed by the amount of research you have done regarding the university and the program to which you are applying. If you include the name of a professor or two, the courses in which you have the greatest interest, or professional groups you plan to join on campus, the statement of purpose will illustrate your tremendous interest in their program. Think about the reasons you are applying to the MBA program and be specific about what you hope to do with the degree. Impress them with your long term planning skills and the fact that you are motivated and determined to acquire the MBA degree.

In summary, the statement of purpose for MBA should be written to impress the reader with your ability to communicate well, your creativity, and your long term goals for a career using your MBA.

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