Telling a Compelling Story in your Law School Essays


Law school essays are an essential part of a prospective law student’s application. If the law school essay is well-written, it could help the outcome of the application, by highlighting traits and virtues of the candidate which may not have been accentuated in the standard application. One way to ensure that a law school essay is good or great is to tell a compelling story that the admissions committee will find remarkable and make your application memorable.

How do you choose a compelling story for your law school essay? The best law school essays engage the reader by cleverly offering insights into the character and motivation of the applicant. Create a law school essay which reveals your genuine commitment to the field and your dreams for the future. Help the admissions committee see beyond basic application statistics to your promise as a law school student. If you have volunteered for a political campaign, consider writing about that experience in the essay. Have you been an elected representative to student government, exposed early to the vagaries of an adversarial relationship? Have you championed a non-profit organization as a volunteer, fighting for the rights of the underserved? There are many ways to let the admissions committee get to know you beyond the confines of the standard application format.

Say the Right Things in Your Law School Essay

Use your law school essay to define the goals for your career after receiving the coveted degree. You could use specific examples to “show” the admissions committee your enthusiasm for law school, rather than just “telling” them about your plans. Choose a story for your law school essays which will make you memorable, personable, compassionate, empathetic, and the perfect candidate for the law school to which you are applying. Obviously, one law school essay cannot accomplish all these goals, but you can shoot for the stars here, selecting an outstanding and compelling story or anecdote which will impress the admissions committee.

What do you plan to do with the law degree? Will you practice law in a private firm, join a family firm, become a corporate litigator, work for the federal government or use the law degree in another arena, which requires clear, logical thinking and the ability to make quick decisions. You could be an investment counsellor or a bank officer. You could use your law degree in the non-profit arena. There are as many choices are there are law school candidates. Use your law school essays wisely to let the admissions committee get to know you through your compelling story.

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