Law School Personal Statement Isn’t About Lawyers, It’s About You – Yellow Editor Podcast #3

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Law School Personal Statement Isn’t About Lawyers, It’s About You – Yellow Editor Podcast #3

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Many applicants ask questions on how to apply to law school, but getting accepted is not as easy as it may seem. Without solid college grades, it’s very difficult to get accepted to competitive law schools. However, compelling personal statements about why you want to become a lawyer can raise your chances of getting accepted at your dream school. The personal statement is the most important piece of writing that you can submit when you’re applying for admission to law school.  Why?  For two main reasons: (1) It provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills. The ability to write well – that is, with concision, clarity, and organization – is highly valued in law school and in the legal profession.  (2) It allows you to write about yourself – your personality, the experiences that helped to form who you are today, and your values. Applicants who can communicate their interest in law in an engaging way can impress admissions officers.

The purpose of the law school personal statements is to get to know the candidate better. This is the applicant’s opportunity to showcase the admissions committee his or her long-term goals. Yes, it is hard to get accepted to a law school, but it’s certainly not impossible, and the competitive nature of the process should not prevent you from applying.   In fact, it might encourage you to submit a really outstanding application.

In this episode, our experienced EssayEdge editor, Bob, describes how to write a personal statement for law school. The questions we highlight are the following:

  1. Why does the law personal statement matter and is it hard to get accepted to a law school?
  2. What should the law personal statement do and is it so important for the admission committee?
  3. What is the best way to embody the qualities of a good lawyer in your personal statement?
  4. What is the structure of a law personal statement? What should it begin with to grab the admission committee’s attention?
  5. And what about the body paragraphs? What information should the applicant include? Are my extracurricular activities, hobbies, and interests vital?
  6. What things should be avoided when writing a law school personal statement?

If you are applying to law school and need help with crafting a memorable personal statement, we are here to help! If you keep asking yourself, “How do you write a personal statement for law school?”, use the recommendations of our editors and ensure yourself with writing a unique story that will impress the admission committee from the very first words. Learn more at

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