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Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult categories of questions to write about. Admissions officers are looking for your take on age-old problems, such as racism, poverty, and world hunger, as well as more publicized current issues, such as business ethics, the impact of technology upon society, and the rapid spread of AIDS across the globe. The tragic events of September 11, 2001, gave special meaning to this category, as applicants were asked to discuss issues that hit closer to home than most of us ever expected.

Though it is tempting to argue in favor of your point, remember to be as objective as possible and consider multiple sides of the issue. This will portray you as a mature, astute individual. Stay away from clichés and generalizations. Instead, write about what the topic means to you personally—what it has meant in your life and why you think it is important. Spending some time researching the topic on the Internet or at your local library will ultimately prove worthwhile.

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