Being Too Formal in Your College Essay

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Our modern society tends to be very casual: we address each other by first name; we dress in comfortable clothes; and we try to make the people around us feel relaxed and welcomed. These are all great things. However, when it comes time to do something formal, like writing a college essay, we can feel set adrift. Because we’re generally unfamiliar with formality, it can be easy to end up being too formal in your college essay.

This is just as bad as being too casual. Why? Because being too formal in your college essay will take the ‘personal’ aspect out of it. You’ll have gone too far into a set way of behaving that will necessarily prohibit you from expressing your individuality. In short, your college essay will make you seem stiff and pretentious. Take formality way too far, and the application essay can even become comical to the reader.

“But how can my college essay help but be formal? It’s a formal process!” you say. Yes, that’s true. You still need to do a set number of things in a set order to complete the admissions process. However, if your college essay is too formal, it will become as standardized as the other aspects of your application such as your test scores and transcripts.

Let Your College Essay Help You Introduce Yourself to the Admissions Committee

Even at the grandest and most formal of gatherings, with heads of state, CEOs and royalty, people still chit-chat, laugh, and try to make each other feel at ease and have a good time. While you don’t need to regale the admissions committee with entertaining stories or jokes, your college essay is your opportunity to show the admissions committee who you are as an individual. You can introduce yourself as someone who is well-mannered and socially adept, but also a unique human being who can make their school a more exciting and interesting place to be.

If you’re unsure, get college essay help. A professional college essay editor can be your guide in navigating your way through this process, helping you strike the right balance between professionalism and personalization. Your editor can show you where you need to be less conversational, and where you need to show more insight into your character and skill set. Obtaining college essay help will ensure that your admissions essays are formal enough to not distract the reader while also conveying your sincerity and personality.

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