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Personal Statement

You are probably wondering how you should use personal statement sample essays in your own application process. The best way to use personal statement sample essays is to review them to see how other applicants respond to the request for a personal statement. What do other candidates write about? Analyze personal statement essay examples to ascertain which topics appear most frequently and to get ideas for your own essay. Personal statement sample essays can be a valuable tool in creating your own essay.

This does not mean that you should copy someone else’s ideas when you read personal statement sample essays. In fact, that would be the worst idea, because the personal statement is meant to be about you. Admissions committees are very perceptive about plagiarism. It is obvious to the reader if the ideas expressed in the personal statement belong to the applicant. You should write about your own experiences, goals, dreams, and motivation. The committee wants to read what you have written from the heart about your own experiences, so that they can get to know you beyond the standard materials in the application. The essay should be written in your own voice to emphasize the personal aspect of your application.

Don’t Plagiarize Personal Statement Essay Examples

Reviewing personal statement sample essays is a great way to study the competition. You can also get ideas concerning what you should not write about by researching personal statement sample essays. Often reading other candidate’s personal statement sample essays will help you focus on what you would like to write about in your own essay. Personal statement essay examples can give you a comprehensive idea of the range of topics that other candidates have covered. Evaluating what someone else has written in response to the same essay question or prompt could be useful to you, if you carefully review why you think they responded as they did and try to learn from the exercise.

If the personal statement essay examples have been professionally edited, it could be useful to compare the “before and after “ versions of the essay to note what the editor thought should be corrected or revised. Think of suggestions you might have made to improve the original version of the essay. This should help when you begin to write your own personal statement, because you will be thinking as an editor. The ultimate purpose of personal statement sample essays is to make you think about your own personal statement and how you plan to write a unique essay.

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