Lyra D.

Lyra is a student at Cornell University pursuing undergraduate degrees in English and Computer Science. She harbors a deep love for the written word and has thoroughly enjoyed her time working with high school and college newspapers, designing and publishing websites, and collaborating with journalists to strengthen the expository writing skills of high schoolers. As a student of both natural and computer languages, she has a nuanced appreciation for syntax and lexicon that she draws from in her own writing and editing practices. When she is not in school, Lyra lives in Seattle where she enjoys reading, painting, running, coding, and crocheting. Through positions in environmental technology, artificial intelligence/machine learning, corporate, financial technology, education, non-profit, and the service industry, she has amassed much experience in both humanities and STEM fields, and as such, is comfortable handling a wide array of essay topics and prompts. Lyra is unfailingly delighted to discuss anything literary, so please feel free to reach out!
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