Reid A.

Reid A. is currently a graduate student at the University of Oxford, working towards a Master’s in English and American Studies – that is, a degree in literature studies! In 2020, he graduated from Cornell University as a double major in English and Government, with a minor in German, and distinction in all subjects. During the summer, Reid lives in Chicago, Illinois, where he stays immersed in literature (not only analytic and expository, but also creative) every day. He is truly passionate about expression on the page, and appreciates the extraordinary power & value of well-crafted writing in the many forms it takes. Given that appreciation, Reid counts himself as fortunate for the wide opportunities he has had to sharpen his skills in English: in reading, writing, and editing, but most essentially, in helping others to improve their own grasp of the written word. Among those opportunities, he most hopes to share what he has learned in his days of reviewing book manuscripts and article drafts as an academic research assistant, plus letter drafts as a legal clerk, on top of the vast writing and peer-reviewing he has done for school. Feel free to reach out to Reid to talk further, whether about his essay reviewing style, or any other writing topic under the sun! He always loves to discuss literature.
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