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Dentistry Personal Statement Sample – Before

“Open your mouth, lets see!” I said to my family before examining them when I was child . I have always been interested in health care since the time of my childhood. I do love meeting, conversing and examining patients, and then figuring out their needs, and diagnosis. Moreover, coming up with a treatment plan for a particular patient and taking care of them later on is my utmost pleasure.

Being a caring and creative person and someone charmed by the art of drawing; I was consequently drawn into Dentistry which later on meant a lot to me -being a profession of multi-aspects.

In order to meet my goals, I studied dentistry at King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and was graduated in 2007 and got hold of Bachelor of Dental Science” BDS” . During the period of my undergraduate college-work and before starting my college’s clinical work, I volunteered spare time as an observer deep within a dental office near my house. Then -actually during, I discovered a lot of hidden facts about dentistry as a profession.

At one point, I remember quite well a patient who has been provided with a fixed prosthodontic bridge for his missing anterior teeth how he appeared; and how much pleased he was after treatment In fact, that patient appeared much younger after replacing his missing anterior teeth. The patient’s comment at that incident was “now that I can smile and talk more without being aware of my appearance.

From that time I realized that dentistry, and in particular Prosthodontic dentistry, is the art of cosmetics and medical architecture that has the foundation to change someone appearance better. I feel deep down that there is no greater pleasure in life than that of alleviating people’s suffering. Nowadays, becoming a competent dentist, I hope I can alleviate patient’s distress and bring back to them their smile.

During my internship period at the university, I have got so much training in prosthetic dentistry and I have done as well the laboratory work of some cases. In addition to that, I have worked with distinguished professors who are utmost competent in this field. I have carried out a small research project on the efficacy of home bleaching systems which was later published in the Saudi Dental Journal . Moreover, I wrote many bibliographies in different prosthetic topics.

I have a strong belief that I’m well prepared to go through your post graduate program because I am an enormously hard working person with high esteem who is devoted to her career.


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