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Career Goals Essay: Writing, Formatting And Editing Guide

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Updated: April 19, 2023
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A career goals MBA essay is the tool that can make all student’s dreams come true or rather spoil everything. That’s why applicants are worried about how to write a perfect admission paper. Especially for this purpose, we prepared a detailed guide on writing a winning MBA essay. If you need to learn more about good career goals essay MBA application tips, keep reading to find all necessary information. 

What is a Career Goals MBA Essay?

A career goals essay MBA is an admission paper required to communicate the motivation and reasons to apply for graduate business school in terms of your future career. Its main goal is to persuade the admission committee that you understand the value of scholarships and have a clear vision of your career path.

Why Do MBA Essays Require the Description of Your Career Goals?

There are several reasons why the committee asks you to describe your career goal MBA essay in terms of your motivation to apply for the graduate program. Let’s look through the main ones.

1. To find out how the MBA program will be useful for your future career.

Your MBA essay career goals should highlight the importance of a chosen MBA program for the future. The committee members want to see your desire to apply for a scholarship to get a benefit from the gained skills and knowledge post MBA.

2. To ensure that you are motivated to apply for a specific grad program.

The applicant should communicate the passion and strong motivation for MBA admission because it is vital for achieving a career goal. Thus, you need to mention your dream career and emphasize why you want to pursue it. Assure them that it is impossible to make your plan a reality without specific education.

3. To see that you have clear after-MBA plans.

The student should share an effective career action plan to succeed during the MBA application. Whether it is an MBA in finance career goals essay or admission paper for any other field, you need to be specific while describing your career goals.

Main Components of MBA Career Goal Essay

Before writing a career goals essay, you need to divide it into several sections. A clear understanding of each component is helpful for writing an MBA admission essay that works. After analyzing all these points, make a logical connection between them.


Description what you hope to achieve in a large sense (as a future leader) a detailed description of your future career roles what you need to achieve these goals (experience, skills, knowledge)
What to Include
  • write about a strong desire to make a social impact;
  • What can you do to make a great difference in the world?;
  • ensure the admission committee that you have a passion for becoming a leader that makes a change.
  • detail about companies you are going to work in;
  • What job position would you like to apply for?
  • description of your dream jobs;
  • main responsibilities you will have at this position.
  • show that your career goals are achievable;
  • highlight the linkage between your career plan and MBA program;
  • link your experience and skills to your career action plan;
  • describe how you plan to become an effective leader post MBA.


You may also use our career and personal goals for MBA essay examples in a long-term perspective. They will be useful in setting up a winning career strategy.

Step by Step Guide to Write Career Goals Essay

Here is a guide on writing a winning MBA career goals essay. Follow these simple steps, and the admission process wouldn’t be so tough as it seemed before.

Step 1. Identify your career ambitions.

First of all, analyze your career intentions and identify the central goal to achieve in the future. You need to make an eye-catching introductory statement to grab the attention of the admission committee.

Step 2. Divide your goals into several stages of your career.

Next, write down all the career goals. To write a successful career goals MBA essay, you should split all the targets into several categories. The main career periods include:

  • Adaptation stage;
  • Stage of a formation;
  • Maturity stage;
  • Late career stage.

Set up goals for each category, and do not forget to mention what will help you achieve them. Finally, make connections between your career plan and the MBA program.

Step 3. Consider the structure of your MBA essay on career goals.

Of course, the content makes the value of your MBA essay. But, additionally, pay attention to the writing style. Whether it is an essay MBA career goal general manager or any other field admission paper, ensure that your essay consists of three main parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

The typical format for a sample career goals MBA essay is a five-paragraph structure. Still, everything depends on your experience and career action plan. If you have a rich background and ambitious goals for the future, all these will require additional paragraphs.

Step 4. Make sure that your formatting corresponds to the basic requirements.

One more important step is to format an MBA essay on career goals according to basic academic paper requirements. But we will talk about them a little bit later.

Step 5. Proofread your MBA essay.

Proofreading is the last but not the least recommendation. When you are finished writing the last sentence of your essay, do not rush to submit it. Instead, calm down and take time to read and check what you’ve written. No doubt, possible grammar mistakes, typos, or vague sentences are not the things that can help you stand out from the rest.

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MBA Essay Formatting Tips

As is mentioned above, formatting does matter. Main points you should consider before sending your career goal essay sample for MBA to the admissions committee include:


  • Use standard fonts and readable font size;
  • One-inch margins can help to make white spaces;
  • Delete all unnecessary spaces between the words or sentences;
  • Ensure that your text is divided into finished paragraphs;
  • Delete extra spaces between paragraphs.

In the MBA career goals essay sample below, you will see how to structure your admission paper according to the basic requirements.

Writing Tips for MBA Career Goals Essay for Specific Fields

Of course, your career goals will depend on the specific field to which the chosen graduate program refers. Thus, we will discuss what features to consider based on the MBA finance career goals essay.

First of all, the finance programs vary depending on the professional experience levels. Thus, it affects the MBA career goals you need to mention. For instance, the most educational programs require at least 1-2 years of experience. So, if you lack experience, your admission will probably be declined.

Secondly, you need to make your goals relevant to the graduate program. Do not be vague in defying your experience or skills. The best example career goal essay for MBA is this one, which clearly defines the appropriate professional intentions.

Thirdly, the specificity of goals for a financial analyst or the MBA essay career goals for entrepreneurship is important for two reasons:

  1. It makes the essay credible: when you clearly define your goals, it shows your serious approach and ability to prepare a step-by-step and detailed career path plan.
  2. Differentiation: your motivation and experience are unique, and these things make you unique. The only necessary thing is to communicate them effectively.

Hence, specificity makes your MBA essay for finance differ from a career goals MBA essay management consulting or admission paper for any other field.

Career Goals MBA Essay Analysis

Here is one of the MBA essay examples career goals that will work for successful admission. Look through it to define what makes it stand out from the rest.

Career Goals MBA Essay Example

“My long-term dream job is to launch an AI integrated qualitative consumer research platform. To realize it, hard-skill sets in AI data process and analysis, as well as effective communication and management skills to lead an Engineering Team, are required. In the short term, I will have a product management role in the AI/deep learning area at a major tech giant such as Google and Amazon to successfully obtain these necessary skills. 

In the modern world, consumers’ needs and wants are changing more and more quickly. In contrast to phenomenal improvement in the speed of quantitative consumer data analysis, which is enabled by the digitalization of consumer data, there still exists a huge time lag between consumer interviews and delivery of analysis when it comes to qualitative consumer research, a primary method of digging into consumers’ needs.

Through my experience in more than 20 projects at Bellomy, I have developed an in-depth understanding of marketing research methodology focused on discovering consumers’ needs. However, the mentioned long-term goal requires several technical characteristics such as a deep understanding of the process of software product development and hard skills in AI data processing and analysis. With this in mind, in the short term, I will seek a product manager role in the AI/deep learning area at a tech giant such as Google and Amazon where I can most practically obtain these necessary qualities and skill sets.

During my MBA, I will develop skills that are currently lacking in me to be a successful PM, and become a PM in the AI/deep learning field at a tech giant such as Google. Once targeted skills are obtained there, I will challenge to launch an innovative AI-driven qualitative consumer research platform.”

Let’s focus on its main strengths, which make this essay effective.

  1. The author clearly defines a central career aim at the beginning of the essay: “My long-term dream job is to launch an AI integrated qualitative consumer research platform.” Also, he continues with his vision of what position is required at the beginning stage to gain necessary experience: “In the short term, I will be a product management role in AI/deep learning area at a major tech giant such as Google and Amazon to successfully obtain these necessary skills.”
  2. One more benefit of this essay refers to the argumentation provided in the second paragraph to support his motivation to achieve the ambitious career objective.
  3. Then, the applicant highlights that he has relevant skills and experience to reach the goal: “Through my experience in more than 50 projects at Bellomy, I have developed an in-depth understanding of marketing research methodology focused on discovering consumers’ needs.”
  4. Furthermore, the author underlines what he needs to achieve a goal: “However, the mentioned long-term goal requires several technical characteristics such as a deep understanding of the process of software product development and hard skills in AI data processing and analysis.”
  5. Finally, there is a connection between career goals and the MBA program: “During my MBA, I will develop skills that are currently lacking in me to be a successful PM, and become a PM in AI/deep learning field at a tech giant such as Google.”

All listed factors mentioned in the career goals MBA essay sample are crucial for writing a relevant admission paper that will help apply for the desired scholarship.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the applicant should follow several requirements to write a perfect MBA essay and get accepted to a dream university:

  • Be precise in defying your goals;
  • Add only relevant information;
  • Make connections between your experience, career goals, and scholarship;
  • Divide the essay into at least five paragraphs;
  • Make an eye-catching introduction;
  • Proofread everything before submitting.

With these recommendations, you can calm down and look forward to exciting responses. Anyway, we keep our fingers crossed for you!

Your MBA essay should be outstanding to be noticed by an admission board. Improving your paper is a complex process consisting of writing, formatting, and editing. Trusting the last stage of writing to our application essay editors service is okay. Let professionals do their job and put your efforts into something you can do better.

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