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A Story of My Success: How I got into Columbia University

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Updated: March 2, 2023
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Hi there! My name is Chris, and I’m gonna share my story. It’s a story of an international applicant with a dream of getting accepted to an Ivy League college. Every applicant will feel my pain, as the admission process is so damn HARD! Read my story to learn what helped me make all my dreams come true! It’s gonna be interesting!

How It All Started

I still remember those days when I started my admission process. It was one of the hardest periods of my life. So many doubts, worries, and hopes… All applicants understand this feeling of despair. And my dream of getting accepted into Columbia University was the only ray of hope at those times.

After reading all the requirements, I supposed that a personal statement would become the easiest thing to prepare. But I was TOTALLY wrong about it. My first mistake was believing that a personal statement is smth like a college essay. Still, it’s not just a simple essay. Believe me, it’s freaking HARD! I had NO idea how to start my personal statement. A LOT of ideas came to my mind, but nothing worth the admission committee’s attention. I was really freaking out!!!

I wrote 30 drafts, or smth like this, and changed a lot of topics, but I understood that all of them were shit. When I wrote a draft that deserved to be NOT SO BAD as dozens of others, I understood that I was not sure it was free of mistakes. All these thoughts were hanging over my head and making me stressed ALL THE TIME. I couldn’t even sleep at night because I searched for a solution.

I Decided to Act

I realized that I needed someone to share my pain. I asked my relatives and my friends for help. They gave me advice SO different that my head was buzzing. I decided to check the website one more time. What was a SURPRISE when I found the additional requirements for the personal statement! This thing totally puzzled me. Reading about the specific structure for the essay and formatting issues, I realized that the situation comes worse and worse. The time passed by, but I still HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!!!

I surfed the net and joined some forums hoping to find soulmates to share my pain. Some applicants told that they searched for recommendations in blogs. It was a nice try to deal with this dilemma. Then the idea, like a flash, came to my struggling mind: “I NEED AN EXPERT WHO WILL HELP ME WITH MY ADMISSION!” I thought of one great article I found recently in the EssayEdge blog. I started to read it, hoping to find some useful recommendations. And what was a surprise when I realized that it’s NOT just a blog! There were offers for applicants who prepare docs for admission, EXACTLY WHAT I NEED!

Need help? Check out EssayEdge editing services:

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THO I finally found the admission service, I started doubting. What if it is NOT legal? While browsing some forums, I read that the admission committee is REALLY strict. So, I have no room for error. I had to be sure that this service is COMPLETELY LEGAL, and using them does not mean that I am cheating or smth like this.

Need help? Check out EssayEdge editing services:

Admission Essay Editing
Each document has its features, and our editors know what to focus on to keep it individual and increase your chances of being admitted
Premier Package
Editing files from draft to final application. 1.5 hours of phone consultations. 14 days of email interaction with an editor

I decided to chat with support and learn more about the EssayEdge service. They replied immediately, answered all my questions, and assured me that it’s completely LEGAL, as there is no cheating. I will get only expert help with my admission papers, nothing more illegal. Also, I found out that the service takes care of the privacy and anonymity of each client. It was the last and strongest argument for me.

About My EssayEdge Experience

After reviewing all pricing plans, I chose the best fitting OFFER and started to work with the best specialist EVER! Right from this moment, I felt a little bit more CONFIDENT than several months ago. I supposed that I would get only some help with the personal statement, such as checking it for mistakes, and so on. But I was totally wrong.

As I chose the Premier Plan, I got many EXTRA services. Another good news for me was a 10% discount on this offer. After choosing the expert, I had a phone conversation with my editor Anna S. She is DEFINITELY the best in this field! I chose her because Anna graduated from Yale and had a lot of editing experience. Just imagine, YOU have a chance to work with a former student of the Ivy League! I was excited about this opportunity, as the editor understood HOW it is to be in my shoes.

Anna fixed all mess in my head. I got all the necessary info about the personal statement, its structure, and specifites. We discussed the ideas on how to make the essay look PERFECT and stand out from the rest. I wanted to impress the admission officers, and, thanks to my editor, I had a clear plan on how to do it. I start to breathe easier.

After sending my draft to Anna, I got an essay COMPLETELY free of mistakes and other language inconsistencies. Also, the editor left various comments on how to improve my personal statement. I was afraid that my unique style would be damaged AT ALL after the expert’s check. THO everything was OK as the essay still looked like it was written by myself. When we finally finished work on my essay, I waited for early action and sent it with my application form.


Days passed by, and I still waited for a reply. Whether I would be accepted or not? I was like a cat on hot bricks. It was hard for me to live a normal life. I forgot about everything except for checking my email ALL THE TIME. And finally (Thank God!) I got this letter. I was accepted to IVY LEAGUE!

Now, I am a student at Columbia University, one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. And there’s a moral to this story. DO NOT GIVE UP! And remember that WE (applicants) are not alone! And, sometimes, we need someone who will give a helping hand. For me, EssayEdge became a lifeboat in the lake of lost hope. I am happy that I found this service with the best experts who are always ready to share their experience and knowledge with applicants.

Thanks for reading my story,

Your Chris!

I’ll never forget how much professional essay editors did to me. I know that students often take these services for granted, but I’m really grateful for the help they provided. My essay was an absolute mess, and they transformed it into a winning piece of writing. Isn’t it amazing?

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