Statement of Purpose Graduate School: Introductions

Graduate Statement of Purpose

The introduction is the most important part of a statement of purpose for graduate school. The function of the introduction is to capture the reader’s interest, encouraging him to continue reading. If an introduction is hackneyed, boring, repetitive or poorly written, the reader will not be motivated to continue reading. Therefore, a statement of purpose graduate school should include an appealing, captivating or intriguing anecdote for the opening paragraph, in order to encourage the reader to continue.

Introductions for statements of purpose for graduate school can be unique, compelling, or instructive in style. A humorous introduction or a very sad one may intrigue the reader’s interest as well. There are as many “correct” introductions for statements of purpose for graduate school as there are applicants submitting them. The introduction works best at convincing the reader to keep reading if it is a personal story. A shared experience is an excellent way to open the statement of purpose for graduate school.

The writer of a veterinary school personal statement may offer a story from childhood which illustrates her early love for science and animals. Or the young man from a foreign country may hope to study medicine here, in order to return home after completing medical school and residency to help his country raise their healthcare standards.

Stories from natural disasters and subsequent relief efforts are popular themes for introductions for a graduate school statement of purpose. Serious issues, such as homelessness and environmental concerns, also provide excellent topics for introductions to a relevant statement of purpose for graduate school.

Start with a Bang in Your Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

The entire essay does not have to follow the storyline of the introduction to be effective. It is possible to establish a theme with the introduction and then weave the statement of purpose for graduate school around and through the essay’s topic. Variety of wording and sentence structure is key to maintaining the reader’s attention.

The statement of purpose for graduate school is important because it establishes the tone of the personal statement. A humorous introduction is not often seen, because many applicants probably thinks it is necessary to be serious. However, a very entertaining introduction can include an amusing story, and stand out because of its uniqueness. Humor should be carefully measured and handled with an eye to the final topic of the statement of purpose graduate school. The introduction may be the most difficult paragraph to write in the statement of purpose for graduate school.

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