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The Importance of the College Essay

We at EssayEdge have seen firsthand the difference a well-written application essay can make. Students who would have been rejected on the basis of their SAT scores and grades have won admission to schools ranging from Harvard to NYU after using our Essay Editing Help Services.  The application essay or personal statement is the only guide admissions officers have of a student's personality. Test scores and grades form one crucial aspect of the application while the admissions essay and recommendations form the other. However, while students might spend weeks to months preparing for the SAT or GMAT, the average student spends only two hours writing the application essay.

Most students applying to a particular college will have similar grades and SAT scores. The primary way admissions officers choose among thousands of similar applicants is by evaluating their admissions essays. EssayEdge helps students improve their college essays and increases their chance of admission. Over 70 percent of students who use EssayEdge services are admitted to their first choice school!

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EssayEdge's Admissions Essay Help Packets

EssayEdge.com provides teachers and counselors with comprehensive essay help packets. At EssayEdge, we read thousands of these essays a month; based on our experience, we have compiled a number of concrete, useful tips for your students on everything from brainstorming a topic, selecting a topic, and writing the essay. 

Moreover, our packets also include a sample successful application essay accepted by top schools. We believe that students should have the opportunity to see what constitutes an excellent essay before being asked to start such an important assignment.

Teaching a Class on Admissions Essays to Students

Download handouts and a teacher's manual to teach a 45 - 90 minute class on the admissions essay.

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