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Get professional help with your Engineering Thesis, Dissertation, Research Paper or Lab Report

Virtually all essays that are submitted for engineering programs are essays that summarize the results of specific research. The organization can vary depending upon the program requirements and upon the nature of your research, but in general, your essay will need to include an introduction, a background section, a section describing the experimental design, a section devoted to results analysis, a conclusion, and an appendix or appendices. This is a tall order for many engineering students, whose expertise is in the lab, and not with the written word. The most important thing to do before writing your thesis, dissertation, or research paper is to make a high-level outline of your paper. Another thing to keep in mind is that it can help to write your background section after having written the rest of your paper.

The background section of your essay will probably be the longest section of your dissertation or thesis. It will rely upon numerous references, all of which must be appropriately footnoted and if necessary summarized in the relevant text. Guidelines for referencing and for developing appendices are usually provided by the specific program to which you are submitting your essay. But virtually all programs will require you to follow a format that includes both an introductory and concluding sequence, and this is the reason that it is so important to develop an outline before developing your essay. By developing a thorough outline, it will be easier for you to grasp the salient points that you are making in your research paper, and even more importantly, it will be easier for you to develop a clear and concise hypothesis which is supported by your essay.

Another key to writing successful essays for engineering programs is to know your reader and the reader’s field of expertise. This will determine the amount of specificity that your references must include, and may indeed preclude the necessity to offer extensive references for some related work and your background section. Writing your lab report is usually considerably more straightforward than writing your term paper, because your program will provide specific formatting guidelines for your lab report. Regardless of the type of paper that you are addressing, one approach that often works is to "answer the question before you answer the question" in each section of your essay. In other words, in addition to your overall introduction and conclusion, each section of your essay will contain its own introduction and concluding sequences, making your essay easier to understand for your reader.