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Essay: Please describe the most important things that have ever occurred in your life, where you intend to be five, ten, and twenty years down the road, and why you are a better candidate than roughly 20,000 other students applying for admission this year. (500 words or less)

The most intimidating writing assignment faced by countless students every fall is not a 10-page research paper or an in-depth lab report. Rather, it is the rather short and seemingly straightforward essays required as part of most college applications. These essays, meant to give admissions committees an intimate glimpse into an applicant’s personality and writing style, can play a significant role in admissions decisions. With increasing numbers of schools decreasing the importance of standardized test scores or even making submission of those scores optional, the essay carries more weight than ever before.

Unfortunately, application essays are not only important, but also extremely diverse. While one prompt may ask for a statement elaborating on why the student has chosen to apply to that particular school, another may ask the student to write page 286 of his or her autobiography. Still others offer the student a choice of several possible topics, while some provide no prompt beyond a vague suggested length. As a result, it is the rare student who has to write only one or two essays; more often the total number of essays easily reaches double digits, thus compounding stress over the admissions process.

At EssayEdge, we take pride in being the net’s premiere provider of application essay editing services. Our mission is not to write essays for applicants, but instead to help guide students through an extremely complex and vitally important process. This blog will be updated regularly with articles that share expertise and advice with all who face the daunting task of writing an application essay, from high school seniors to medical-school graduates seeking a residency. Check back often for guidance that will help you make the most out of your 1-page, 500-word, or 5,300-character chance to impress an admissions officer.

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